Not Just The PT

When Ally gets thrown into the new position as the football team's Physical Trainer, the star quarterback starts to see her as "More than a PT"
My very first published Movella..... I hope you enjoy leave your feedback thanks!!!!! XOXOXO Alydod1d


2. Two

Chapter Two
Allyson's POV
After class I walked out to the football field. The coach ran up to me. 
You came. He said
Yes, yes I did sir. Now why am I here? I asked
First don't call me sir. Call me coach. He said
Ok coach. I said 
Second how are your football skills? He asked
Fairly ok I guess. I said 
Prove it. He said
Um ok. I said. How? I asked
Go grab a ball and throw it to me. Coach said
Um ok. I said I grabbed a ball and threw a perfect spiral pass to him from 40 feet. He caught it in awe. 
Now catch it! He yelled. He threw it and I caught it easily. He whistled. 
Now sprint down the field and back. He said
What does this have to do with anything? I asked
Just do it. He said. I took off my flats and sprinted down and back. He yelled to someone named Michaels. And Brent ran out on the field. 

Brent's POV 
Yes coach. I asked 
When is your PT coming back? He asked
He's not coming back. He quit remember. I said. 
Well meet you're new PT. Coach said
What? I heard a voice say. I turned to see Allyson. 
You heard me. Coach said
Yeah I heard you but I never agreed to this. I am way too busy to babysit one of your players. She said to him. Ouch that hurt. 
You are going to do it. Coach said
No I am not. I am trying to get my associates degree right now plus pass high school. She said
I talked to the principal and she said it would give you the credits you would need to pass a class. Coach said to her. 
Fine I guess I'll be on this stupid idiotic sport team.  But you will need to use proper grammar. I try and surround myself with people who support quality grammar. She said damn she's hot when she's making deals.
What does that mean? Coach asked. Allyson went to answer but I cut her off. 
She's saying that she only talks to people who speak proper grammar I said. 
So this is my new patient? She asked
Yup! He is our star. You are his back up. Coach said 
When do we start? She asked clearly annoyed. 
Right now! Teach Michaels how to throw the ball like you do. Coach said I looked at her as she grumbled something and grabbed a ball. She walked back and tossed the ball to me. 
Ok so if this is going to work need rules. She said
I completely agree. I said. 
Great first I am not your personal doctor. I am a PT. She said
Ok. I said
Second I am not some girl that you are yours 24/7 there are other girls you do whatever you want to do to them but not me. She said 
Got it. I said 
I also do not accept bullying. Of any kind. I would rather fail than deal with a bully. She said
I complete agree. I said
Ok then I guess I'm your new PT. she said she ran over and shook my hand. 
I need to go I have to go look for my phone. Oh I'm Allyson by the way. She said
I'm Brent nice to meet you. I said. She smiled at me and walked away. 
Football practice went fine as usual. Me running laps whilst my team threw the ball to each other. I can't hurt my shoulder again. I walked home after practice and thought of Allyson. She wasn't like other girls. She was mature and determined unlike the majority of girls that go to our school. Most of the girls want what they have: popularity. They live in this bubble that consists of an everlasting course of high school. They don't want to grow up and move on. Allyson though, she was already growing up. I liked that. I had never had like a proper girlfriend before but if I wanted a girlfriend I would want it to be her. I smiled and walked into my house. 

Allyson's POV
I hurried off the field to look for my phone. I searched everywhere and there was no sign of it. I sadly walked home.
I have a car and a permit but I don't like my car. It's not because I'm a tree hugger, I just think it’s a waste to drive 0.3 miles to school when it takes me about 10 minutes to walk. Plus driving up in a Sports car doesn't make me really fit in. I walked into my driveway. I pushed the button. 
"Whom is it?'' Charles asked
It's me Charlie I said 
Oh Ms. Dodds I am delighted to see you. He said as the gates opened. I walked through them 
The pleasure is mine Charlie and remember you can call me Ally. I said. I walked in my house and maids hurried to grab my stuff from me. I shook my head no and took my bag up to my room. When I got in there I pulled out my homework and started to work on it before I had a knock on my door. I opened my door and saw my personal maid Annabelle. 
Hi Annie how are you. I asked hugging her. She hugged me back and replied fine. I invited her in and we talked for a bit. I hated how my parents hired Annie to be my maid. I don't like it when people wait on me so I treat her like anyone else I know. She is one of my best friends. We talked for a bit and then I went back to my homework. I finished my work and got a call from Sutton. She was out of town for the week in Alaska for our Dads business. My father and hers started a business together when they were in high school and now they are trying to invest in a newer company besides eBay. After an hour on how Sutton wanted a penguin we hung up and I went to dinner. It was PB and J's that Charlie made.  I loved his sandwiches. When mom isn't home that's all we eat because that's what we love. It's just me and the staff. I have 1 brother but he's married and lives in England with his wife's family. After dinner I finished my home work and went to bed. 
The next morning I woke up and got in a pair of tribal leggings with a white high low tank top and a black cardigan with some matching spiked flats. Charles and Annie ate breakfast with me and then Charles drove me to school. I have Charles drop me off 3 streets away from school so no one sees the limo and thank him. I walk alone until I hear someone call my name. It was Brent. 
Hey Allyson. He yelled jogging to catch up to me. 
Oh. Hi Brent. I said. Hopefully he didn't see Charles. 
So last night after practice I was walking through the field and found this. He said holding out my phone. I smiled 
Thank you so much Brent. I said. He blushed
No problem. Like I said it was just sitting there and I picked it up and you and some other girl were on the lock screen. He said. 
Thanks again. I said. 
Um so I was thinking that maybe in the mornings we could go running because you are my PT. he said
Um I don't know I have to ask my parents they still don't know about the whole PT thing. I said
Then who dropped you off? He asked
Oh that was just my parents being goofy, last night we rented a limo for my sisters bachelorette party and my parents thought it would be fun for me to ride in it one more time before they take it back. I said. All lies. 
Oh. Cool. He said sticking his hands in his pocket. 
You know what I think I um saw my friend up there. I said trying to release the tension. 
Do you mind? I asked he nodded no and I thanked him and ran up to a girl named Kaylie. We talked while Brent passed. 
Brent's POV
I think Allyson is lying about her sister’s bachelorette party because she isn't a great liar. I shuffled into school and was merged by my team asking random questions. I nodded oblivious to almost everything but her. Allyson. She was walking toward me shoot. I looked down and she walked past me I smiled and waved at her, she gave me a slight smile back. My team started to whoop. 
Brent's got a crush. Zach said poking me. 
On his trainer. Chad said laughing. 
Our little Brent is growing up. A few boys said. I laughed and denied it even though it was all true. I did have a crush on my PT and I kind of liked it. 
After school I hurried out to coach and gave him the bad news that I am "failing" math. Which was a lie because I'm a college math class for advanced placement kids outside of school I just wanted Allyson to be my tutor. 
So you're benched. Coach said frowning. 
Yeah sorry coach. I said. 
Allyson walked across the field and my heart stopped. 
Allyson. Coach yelled roughly. I didn't like his tone with her. 
Yup. She asked popping the p. 
You need to tutor Brent in math. Coach said abruptly 
Ok. She grumbled something inaudible under her breath. 
She walked over to me and sat down. Ok so what's the real problem? She asked
What do you mean? I asked
You are in my advanced placement math class at the local college you are one of the top in the class. She said
Well. I just wanted to be able to have a reason to talk to you more. I said
Um why? She asked
Allyson's POV 
Well I'm nervous I've always know my PT's now I don't know you and I am supposed to trust you with my football skills. How am I supposed to trust a stranger? He asks I shake my head. 
Ok. I say and I sit down next to him. What do you want to know about me. 
Everything. He says smiling. I blush and look away. 
You ask me a question ill answer honestly and then I can ask you one. I say he nods. 
Ok. Um what do you value most in a person? He asks
Integrity virtue and self preserved. I say he nods. What is it like to be a big football star? I asked
Actually not that hard. He says I scoff. No honestly. I just don't think about it in that way. All I am is a number. That will most likely be forgotten so I am not a so called football star I am more of a football fad. He said. I looked at him. He smiles. We talk for the rest of the night. 

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