Not Just The PT

When Ally gets thrown into the new position as the football team's Physical Trainer, the star quarterback starts to see her as "More than a PT"
My very first published Movella..... I hope you enjoy leave your feedback thanks!!!!! XOXOXO Alydod1d


6. Six

Chapter Six

Brent's POV

I couldn't find Allyson all day and she wasn't answering her phone. I couldn't skip class or I would be benched so after school I hurried home and grabbed my extra football jersey and drove to Allyson's house. Charles let me through the gate and then inside the house. I ran into a girl that looked about my age. 
Oh whoa. Hi! She said she looked at me. 
Hi. I said. Her eyes opened wide. 
You're..... You're.... Brent Michaels. She said stunned.  
And you are. I asked extending my hand. 
Annie. I go to school with you. We don't have any classes together but you're a legend. Wow you are even better looking when you're awake. I mean oh um ok I'm just yeah. Bye. She said rushing off. I chuckled and walked upstairs to Allyson's room. I knocked on the door and I heard Allyson groan. 
Annie just come in. She said. 
It's not Annie I said walking in. She smiled and hopped out of bed and hugged me tight. 
Hey. She said. 
Hi. I said she giggled 
I missed you today. Where were you? I asked
Here I slept all day. She said. 
Are you ok? I asked concerned. 
Yeah I'm just stressed. So I just took a day off. She said nonchalantly. 
Ok great. So I brought you something very special. Since the team isn't allowed to date until homecoming we always give our jersey to our date. And so... I said pulling out my jersey. She smiled and nodded. 
Yes I'll go to homecoming with you. She said smiling. 
You will? I asked. She nodded. Great! I was worried I was too late. I said relived 
Why would you be late to ask me out? She asked. 
Matt was going to ask you out today in hopes that you would say yes and then some other things. I said. 
Eww I would never go anywhere with that sleezerag. She said. 
Good. I said. So are you ready to go to the game. I asked
Umm. No just give me a minute. She said walking into the bathroom. She popped her head out of the door frame and said. Make yourself at home. I nodded and looked around her room.  She had a lot of books. From John Green to Bram Stoker. I looked at her posters they were all signed by the main actors in the Broadway musical. Each framed and finely polished. Even her bed that was freshly slept in was almost perfect she walked out in black leggings and her hair in a ponytail she had green and black lines under her eyes and she smiled at me 
Can you pass me your jersey please? She asked. She was only wearing a tank top but yet she looked stunning. 
I nodded and swallowed hard and hand it to her. She smiled and pulled it on. 
Thanks. She said I nodded. 
So you ready to go? I asked. 
Absolutely. She said as she grabbed my hand and we walked out of the door. We drove to the game in my car early for team meeting. We walked in and all the guys whooped. 
We knew it!!! They all chanted and we just laughed it off. We talked through plays and then got changed into our uniforms. After that we got ready. Allyson left to find her friends and get a spot close to the front. The boys said goodbye and she wished us good luck. 
So how long? Chad asked. 
Since she started taking me to swim team with her. I said. He punched me lightly. 
And you didn't tell me? Come on man. He said jokingly. 
Ouch! I said we both laughed. We talked for a bit. 


Allyson's POV 
I walked out of the locker room and looked for Scarlett. Bryan asked her out she said yes but secretly hoped Brent would ask her out. I saw her talking to Emma Ethan and Josh. She was wearing Bryan's jersey. I tapped her and she turned around and hugged me. Then she looked down at my shirt. 
No way! She said. 
What? Emma asked. 
Look at this girl’s jersey. Scar said shocked 
Oh my- Emma said 
Is that? Josh asked 
No that's fake right? Ethan asked. 
Yes yes and no.  I said. 
How long?? Emma asked 
Since August. I said everyone's faces went slack. 
How did we not notice? Emma asked. I shrugged and we all went to sit down in the bleachers. The boys ran out and we cheered. Brent looked around till he saw me and then he waved at me. I blushed and waved back. 
So does that mean that you are in with the preps? Josh asked
I guess but I don't like them so ill still spend my time with you guys. I said they nodded and we watched the game. During halftime they announced the nominees for homecoming king and queen all preps and all annoying. Suddenly I got a text from Brent. 
 We need you down here please
I said bye to my friends and hurried down to the locker rooms. When I got down there the boys threw confetti on me and told me that they were happy that I was a PT for them. I laughed and thanked them. 
So in honor of your service. Chad said. 
We would like you to come down and sit with us. Brent said smiling. 
Oh and don't forget your Jersey. Coach said throwing me a jersey with a 00 and Hadley on the back. I smiled and thanked them all. 
Brent do you mind? I asked gesturing to my jersey. 
No not at all he said smiling. I smiled and pulled off his jersey and then pulled mine on. I handed it to him and whispered in his ear. You might be able take off this jersey later. He looked at me and I winked at him. He was bright red. 
Ok halftime is almost over get ready. Remember the plays? Coach said. And most of all have fun and remember I had a great time coaching this year. He said. We all clapped and chanted. Coach! Then we filled out onto the field. 
When we got out on the field I saw my friends. And waved to them. They waved back. The team sat down on the bench and coach had me stay by him. We ran through a few last things I made sure everyone was stretched out and then the 2nd half of the game started. 

It was the last minute of the game and Brent passed the ball to Bryan they only had 10 yards to go. Bryan passed it to Brent and Brent ran faster than ever. 5 yards. 10 seconds. 5 seconds. 4...3...2...Brent ran the ball into the end zone and the buzzer went off the whole school crowded the field we won!!! I ran to Brent before anyone else could touch him he pulled off his helmet and caught me just as I jumped into his arms and then kissed me on the lips. We kissed with so much passion. We pulled away. So how was your first kiss? I asked. He laughed and then kissed me again. Good. He said after we pulled away again. Then we were surrounded by people hugging a laughing. 

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