Not Just The PT

When Ally gets thrown into the new position as the football team's Physical Trainer, the star quarterback starts to see her as "More than a PT"
My very first published Movella..... I hope you enjoy leave your feedback thanks!!!!! XOXOXO Alydod1d


4. Four

Chapter Four
Brent's POV
In 2 weeks we have Homecoming and Coach is letting us bring dates. I sat on my bed before Allyson got here and thought of ways to ask her out to the dance.  I knew it was going to have to be a tricky way of asking her but it would be worth it, plus after Homecoming we have 1 more game and then football season is over. Allyson rang the doorbell and I hopped down the stairs to see her beautiful face looking at me. She smiled and I could feel my cheeks heat up and then we left. We ran in silence for a bit until Allyson got a call. 
Hello? She asked 
What now no way! You're at my house? Oh um ok I’ll be there soon!! She said excitedly. 
Love you too! She said. Then she hung up. 
Who was that? I asked
That was older brother; he's here for 2 weeks. She said. 
Well let’s go see him. I said. 
But... I...... Um....... Brent, um..... I can't take you home yet. Sorry. I... I am too ashamed of my house. She said. 
I'm your boyfriend I don't care if you live in a cardboard box or a mansion. I will like you no matter what. I said. She smiled and we drove in my car. We pulled up to a gold gate. A person's face popped up on a screen next to my car. 
Who are you? An old man asked. I looked at it. 
It's me Charles! Allyson said poking her head out of my window. 
Oh. Ok. "Charles" said.  The gate swung open and I pulled in. 
Wow! I said. Allyson looked down. 
I'm sorry it's just hard to be normal when I live in a house like this. She said. 
It's fine I understand what it's like for people to use you. I said she looked off into the distance and I grabbed her hand. She smiled at me and we pulled up to the driveway. 
We can just pull it in to the back. She said as she directed me behind the house. I parked and got out of the car and opened up her door for her and she giggled. I linked fingers as we walked in the back door I heard someone's bare feet running on the hard wood. A grown man came running at full force at Allyson. 
AllyPally!!!!! He yelled. 
SetheyWethey!!! She screamed jumping into his arms he twirled her around and she wrapped her legs around his waist and giggled. He set her down and she squeezed him tight again. 
Seth this is my Boyfriend Brent. Brent this is my Brother Seth. She said introducing us. Her brother was tall had brown hair and green eyes he looked about 21 then a lady walked out and gave Allyson a bear hug. 
Dianne!!! Allyson yelled. You're!!! She said excitedly. Dianne nodded and rubbed her stomach.  
No way. She said. 
Way. Dianne said. 
Dianne was beautiful but in a regal way Allyson was plainly beautiful. 
So who's this handsome young man? Dianne asked smiling a pearly white smile at me. 
Oh Dianne this is Brent. My boyfriend. She said. I shook her hand and she pulled me into a hug. 
I'm not a stiff like Ally's parents trust me. They hate me. She said whilst we were hugging. Seth and Allyson laughed at Dianne. 
Suddenly a woman walked into a room that look like she was going to rip off their heads. 
Seth Nathaniel Hadley shoes in the house. The lady yelled Seth looked down and hurried to take them off. 
Your shirt as well. She said. Seth tucked it in. 
Allyson Katherine Hadley what have I said about those pants in our house. Exercise is to be done early enough that I don't have to see you in them. The lady said. Allyson rolled her eyes. 
And you Dianne suck in your gut. Oh wait. I forgot my son impregnated a woman whose family is only known for its poor financial values. She mumbled the last part.  
She looked at me. 
Who is this? The lady asked. I gulped. 
Mother may I speak? Allyson asked. 
You may. She said nodding her eyes never leaving mine. 
This is my friend Brent we run together every morning. She said. Friend? I’m more than a friend. I thought. 
Oh I see well clean up Charles has the limo waiting out front for school for you. She said grabbing a protein bar and leaving the room. Everyone breathed. 
Well, that was my mother. Allyson said to me. 
Don't worry you never get over that. Dianne gestured in the direction of the lady. 
Well let’s get ready for school... Oh Brent you can use our shower and borrow Seth's clothes. Allyson said. 
Thanks I said she led me up to a room and grabbed a towel. 
When you have finished showering walk across the hall to that door and there should be clothes in the closet that should fit. She said. She stood up straight and talked proper. 
Um..... Ok........ I said. I've never seen her act like this. 
Right I will be across the hallway showering and dressing. I mean getting dressed. Sorry my other side is showing. She said tucking her hair behind her ear. 
It's fine. I said she smiled kissed my cheek and ran into her room. 
I pulled off my clothes and hopped in the shower. I rinsed off and looked at my right shoulder. The whole shoulder was bruised and swollen. I'm glad we didn't have swim team today because that would've freaked out the team. I got out of the shower dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out of the bathroom. I walked out into the hall and completely forgot which room she wanted me to go in so I walked right across the hall and opened the door. 
The room was a beige color with posters of shows on Broadway. Just then a girl singing Defying Gravity came out of the in suite bathroom in a knee length dress. She saw me and screamed. 
Sorry!! I yelled I was lost!! I said. 
Oh my Gosh Brent I hate you so much right now! Allyson yelled at me out of breath. You literally stopped my heart. She said laughing. I laughed and bit my lip. 
Oh um you’re naked..... She said blushing bright red. 
Oh um yeah what room again? I asked suddenly conscious of my shoulder. 
Next door on the left. She said I saw check me out and I smirked. I hurried out of the room and changed into one of Seth's polo shirts and jeans. I walked out and Allyson looked amazing. Her dress was a yellow sundress.  She smiled at me and I smiled back. 

Alyson's POV
Brent and I walked out to the limo and I stopped. Charles smiled. 
Your Mother has left. He said. I sighed with relief. 
Well if that's the case lets go in my car babe. I said to Brent smiling and holding his hand he smiled and we hopped in my car. Brent grabbed his backpack from his car and we sped off. It was silent for a long time. I kept thinking about his shoulder. 
From the top of my hip to the start of my armpit. I said. Brent just looked at me confused. 
What? He asked me. 
I have a scar from the top of my hip to the start of my armpit from a surgery my mom tried on me when I was 5. I said. 
Why are you telling me this? Brent asked. 
I could tell you were embarrassed from your shoulder which by the way looks infect are you sure it's okay? I asked looking at the road. 
Yeah I just agitated it with swimming and football. Brent said. 
That's good I can't have my boyfriend in pain. I said smiling. I pulled into the teacher’s parking lot. 
You can get out first I’ll wait a minute then get out. I said. He smiled. 
Ok. He said winking at me. I kissed him on the cheek and he got out of the car. I giggled and rested my head on the steering wheel. I waited for Brent to disappear then I hopped out cautiously and hurried to the front of the school. When I got there I saw Scarlett. She screamed and gave me a huge bear hug and I hugged her back. 
Ally!!!!! She yelled. I missed you so much!!!! She said
Me to Scar!!! I said she hugged me tighter she pulled away from the hug and looked at me. 
You smell like boys cologne. Al do you have a boy friend? She asked loudly. 
What?! No!! I said quickly. Seth is back. I said. 
Oh. I see. She said smiling. She hugged me tight. 
I will hear about him. She whispered in my ear I nodded and we met up with Ethan Emma Josh and Katie and started walking to our first periods. We walked right through the football team. Scar whispered in my ear. I would so do Brent Michaels. I just laughed it off. All the guys hi fives me and gave me hugs. Then I looked at Brent and gave him the don't touch me because of people look and he looked back at me for that split second and did a slight nod. He completely ignored me and I did the same to him. We kept walking and Scar looked at me. 
Wow. You 2 hate each other. She said
Yup. I said popping the p. Ever since I started being his PT we've hated each other. I said. 
So if I flirted with him you wouldn't mind? Scar asked. The bell rang thank goodness. I ran for class. The day went by fast until lunch when Scar invited Brent to sit with us. 
Brent sat down next to Josh and Scar. She flirted with him big time and all of my other friends watched me waiting. They knew Brent and I kind of like each other but they don't know we're dating. Scar sat on his right and played with his hair. 
So Brent how has football been? She asked I just ate my food disgusted. 
Fine I guess... Ally.... I mean Allyson and Coach had me do swim team this year. Brent said. 
That's cool. Hey this shirt looks familiar. Al it looks like the one Seth wore the last time we went boating. Scar said. 
Huh.... Didn't notice. I said not looking up. 
Brent you smell familiar too! She said. Kind of like Seth's cologne. Scar said. 
Who's Seth? Brent asked. 
Oh right. Seth is Ally's brother who is super awesome. She said. Suddenly my phone started to ring. I answered it. 
Hey Dianne. No I'm not busy what’s up? I said. 
Tonight we are having a dinner with my parents and yours and I was wondering if you and Brent could come. She asked
Um sure let me see what I have planned tonight and I will let you know. I said. 
Ok text me. She said. 
Ok bye. I said hanging up. 
Brent do we have football tonight? I asked Brent. 
Um I don't know ask coach. He said rudely. I scoffed. 
Wow. Emma said. 
Yeah. So... Umm. Yeah. Ethan said and then those 2 walked away I talked with Josh and Katie for a bit and then had to go to the bathroom. I texted Brent:
Meet me during 5th period 
I went back to lunch and watched Scar flirt with my boyfriend for the rest of the hour. Halfway through 5th period which was English I got a text from Brent:
I’m outside your classroom.
I looked out the window in the door and asked to be excused I opened the door and saw Brent smiling at me. I hugged him tight. 
Wow Allyson! He said laughing. 
I just hate this Brent. I really do! I said crying. He looked around and led us into an empty classroom. 
Me too but you what would happen if coach found out. We would both be dead. He said I nodded. 
I just wish I could be like Scar and flirt with you whenever I want. I said. 
What's with her lately? He asked
She thinks you're hot and wants to do it with you..... She was in Alaska for 2 months with no boys so she's a bit boy crazy. I said. Brent looked horrified. 
She wants to take my V-Card? He asked me scared half to death. 
Yeah. Wait you're a virgin? I asked. He nodded
I just thought because you can have anyone you want... I said
Nope. Waiting for someone special. He said. There was an awkward silence. 
So what are you doing tonight? I asked
Nothing Why? He asked
My and Dianne's parents are having dinner and Dianne thought that if we came there probably won't be screaming. I said 
Really dinner with your family? He asked. I nodded. 
Wouldn't miss it for the world. He said smiling I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. He pulled me into a hug and all I could smell was him my head barely hit his neck and I just held him tight. 
We sat there swaying for a few minutes before Brent talked. 
We have 5th period. Brent said. 
Oh yeah. I said. He walked me to my 5th period. 
I’ll meet you by my car right after school and we can start getting ready for tonight. I said I kissed him on the cheek and opened my classroom door and sat back down I was bright red and I giggled. 
After 5th period Scar Emma and I walked to Theatre and started working on our 1 act plays that we were writing. We had to take a classic Broadway show and completely change it. 
By complete change that does not mean changing the names of things. My teacher said. It means taking a classic and making it into a complete different play. 
He assigned us all plays. Scar got Romeo and Juliet. She smiled and walked off. I got Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I groaned. How was I supposed to make a spinoff of that? We spent the rest of the day researching out plays and then starting to write them. I hurried out of class. 
Whoa where are you going? Scar asked. 
Home. I said quickly. 
Great can you give me a ride? My butler can't get me because my parents said I have to be a normal "Teenager". Scar said. 
Um actually I was giving someone else a ride home. I said
That's why you're so eager! You are driving home with your boyfriend. She said. 
No actually. I said just then my phone went off. 
Take it. Scar said. I hurried off and answered my phone
Where are you? Brent asked 
Trying to divert Scar. The door is unlocked climb in the trunk and text me when you are done ok? I asked
Fine you're just lucky I love you Mrs. Alyson Hadley. Brent said. I giggled and hung up. He said he loved me. I ran over to Scar. 
I’ll give you a ride. I said the look on my face was evident. 
So he's waiting there right. She asked. 
Nope I said. My phone beeped. I looked down. It was Brent:
 I’m in the trunk and I’m claustrophobic….. Hurry!!!  
I smiled and Scar and I hopped into my car. I drove Scar home and she wouldn't get out of the car.  
Ok well by Scar. I said she nodded 
Bye Ally. She said. 
Well leave I have to go get ready for World War three Hadley vs. Stockholm. I said. 
Aww I see. Good luck. She said hopping out and opening her front gates. I sped home and pulled into the back I popped the trunk and Brent was curled up in a ball. I smiled and helped him out.  
Thanks. I was starting to think you left me. He said I smiled. 
Why would I leave you? I said kissing him on the cheek. 
So this whole dinner tonight do you think we are there as a distraction? Brent asked lacing his fingers with mine. 
I'm not sure my parents are my parents you never know with them. They kind of ruined my childhood. I said 
What do you mean? Brent asked. 
I looked around to see if could see anyone and then I directed him into my room. 
They had me go through a surgery because I was a little bit over weight when I was a kid. They thought if I had a smaller chest with less ribs I wouldn't become fat. They were so wrong. I ended up getting an infection and spent my entire elementary school in a hospital room. I said. 
Brent looked at me he hugged me close. He stroked my hair. 
I'm sorry Ally. He said. 
Brent? When we were on the phone you said something to me about how you loved me..... Did you mean it? I asked I looked him straight in the eyes. 
Of course. I love you so much Allyson Katherine Hadley more than you will ever know. Brent said I smiled and my eyes watered. 
I love you to Brent Jonathan Michaels. I said snuggling into him tight. We fell asleep on my bed. 
Ally! Wake up! I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes to see Annie looking at me. 
Annie what time is it? I asked. 
5 dinner starts at 6:30 Annie said
Ok thanks Annie. I said she smiled and left. 
Babe. Wake up. I said as Brent woke up. 
Dinner. He said 
Yup. I said. 
What time is it? He asked groggily I loved his voice. 
It's 5 right now dinner starts in an hour and a half. I said. He woke up and basically ran for the door. 
I need to get ready! He said. 
Babe you're fine. Just go home grab a suit and freshen up. I said. 
He smiled kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door. 
I’ll pick you up at 6 I said 
Ok Love you! He said. 
Love you too! I said smiling as I walked inside. I rushed inside and hopped in the shower I hurried and curled my hair put it in a pin in the back my mom’s style and then applied makeup how my mother likes it and put on a salmon colored dress with a black bow around the middle with a pair of black flats and a black clutch. I looked at the time 5:50 I hurried into my car and sped off for Brent's house. 
Brent's POV
When I got home I hurried in the shower put on some of my dad’s cologne to make me smell more like a man and a suit that I wear for special occasions. I put on a black tie when the doorbell rang and I heard my little sister answer it. A moment later she was upstairs. 
You have a princess waiting at the door for you Brent. She said. 
Thanks Mary. I said smiling. Then I heard Ally talking with my mom and I could see my dad walking down the hallway. 
Wow! My dad mouthed back at me. I nodded. 
Shall we go? Allyson asked. 
Sure. I said smiling a huge smile. She grabbed my arm and we walked out to her car. 
Want to drive? She asked me. 
Umm I think I'm good... I don't want your parents having another reason to hate me before they've met me. I said. She chuckled and I smiled. 
If you say so. She said. I opened the door for her. She thanked me climbed in and then I hopped in. 
We went to this really nice restaurant. Allyson pulled up in front of the restaurant and a boy opened her car door then mine and she handed him her keys then he hopped in and sped off. 
As we walked in she held my arm and walk with such dignity I didn't know who she was. Suddenly she was pulling my arm down. 
Just pretend that you are tied to a stick and that you just smelt wasabi. She said. I nodded. 
We walked up to a table with Seth and Dianne. 
They aren't here yet. Dianne said her accent thicker than ever. 
I looked at Seth then at Allyson they were almost as pale a ghost. 
Don't worry. We're here for you. Dianne said. I nodded and I held Ally's hand and she smiled. 
Oh great here they come. Dianne said 
Who? Allyson asked. 
Both of them. She said. 

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