Not Just The PT

When Ally gets thrown into the new position as the football team's Physical Trainer, the star quarterback starts to see her as "More than a PT"
My very first published Movella..... I hope you enjoy leave your feedback thanks!!!!! XOXOXO Alydod1d


5. Five

Chapter Five

Allyson's POV

Both parents sat down at the table and I knew tonight wouldn't end well. 
Hello Dianne love! Dianne's mom said DM for short. 
Hi mum! She said. They hugged
Seth! DM said squeezing him. 
Hello Mom. He said smiling. She looked at me. 
I'm not sure who you are but I love hugs! She said hugging me. 
Call me Mum. She said. I had only been hugged by kids my age never an adult well besides Dianne and Seth but that doesn't count. I hugged her back. 
And one for you! She said hugging Brent he immediately hugged her back like it was natural to show affection. 
Now what are you 2 sweeties’ names? She asked. 
I'm Allyson and this is my boyfriend Brent. I said my parents who had just sat down looked over at me stunned. 
Boyfriend? What about Chad?! My Mother asked
Yes, Chad. He is a nice boy. My Father said
No he is not. He is to full of himself and his Father's Trust Fund. Can we not talk about this right now please? I said I looked over at Brent and he looked confused. 
Right! We should order. Seth said breaking up the tension. My mom gave the “you’re dead" glare and I raised my eyebrow at her as if I was challenging her. She glared at me and I smirked. 
I grabbed Brent's hand under the table and squeezed tight he squeezed back. We got menus and read over them. I put my menu up on the table to cover Brent and I faces. 
I'm so sorry about Chad. I’ll explain him to you later. Order anything I'm buying. I said smiling. 
Um..... I'm fine about the dinner thing but why did you not tell me about Chad? He asked. 
It's a long story trust me. I said he nodded and I put down my menu. We got our food. 
So Dianne is it a girl or a boy? DM asked
We aren't sure yet, but we are hoping for a boy. Dianne said as Seth nodded in agreement. 
Ok! Can we stop this! My father said. 
Stop what Father? Seth asked. 
Pretending like we actually care. He said. I nudged Brent. He looked over and I mouthed "My entire life" and he looked at me. 
What do you mean? DM asked. I care. She said
But do you really? Is she getting pregnant for her or for you? My mom yelled we had drawn the eyes of a few of the tables surrounding us. 
Mother not now. Seth said forcefully. 
No Seth I am your mother you must respect me. Mother yelled. 
And if you want respect prove to me you are worth it. He shot back by now we had a crowd of anxious people awaiting our next yelling match. 
Seth Nathaniel Hadley you are hereby disgraced from this family. She yelled as she got up. 
Fine I was never truly part of it. Why would I want to be? He asked. He stormed out leaving the rest of us. 
Allyson you are to take Brent home and then report to the house before 10. She said. 
Yes Mother. I said as Brent stood up and helped me up. I held him arm as we left trying to keep a straight face. 
The boy ran to get my car and we left. 
Brent can you drive please? I asked
Sure I guess. Are you okay? He asked
No. I just need to call Seth. I said grabbing out my phone. 
It started to ring. It went straight to voicemail. I started to cry. Brent pulled over. 
Hey it's ok. He said wrapping me in his arms. 
No it won't be. Seth will never be allowed back into the family again. He will be shunned by the entire family. I said crying. 
You won't though. Brent said. He's still your brother. He said. I nodded and he hugged me tighter.  We sat there for a while in each other’s arms while I cried and he comforted me. 
Brent's POV
This high society living must really suck. Keeping up appearances making sure people like you. And marrying for publicity. After I had calmed Allyson down she asked me to drive her home. When there she told me to wait out here. I nodded and she went inside. She grabbed Seth's clothes and shoves them in the trunk. Then she drove me home. 
Bye Ally I love you so much. I said. 
I love you too. She said smiling at me. I walked inside. 
So how was it? My mom asked. 
Horrible. I said smiling. She loves me. 
Ummmm. My mom said
Good night mom love you. I said running upstairs. I hurried off to bed the next morning there was a knock on my bedroom door my mom walked in and smiled. 
There's someone downstairs for you. She said I practically jumped out of bed and got dressed. Ally stood in the doorway talking with my little sister. She was beautiful. 
Why are you dating my brother? She asked
Because every princess deserves a prince. Ally said smiling. 
But Brent's not a prince he's just Brent. She said confused. 
He's my prince. I ummmm.... I like him very much! Allyson said smiling. I coughed and they looked at me. 
Ready to go? I asked. She nodded she said bye to Sarah and walked out the door with me. 
So how are you? I asked as we started running. 
Fine I didn't sleep when I got home because my parents had me pack up all of Seth's stuff. Then I heard them yelling at Seth. She said yawning. 
I'm sorry Ally. I said. 
Thanks. She said. We ran in silence for a bit until I couldn't hold in my question any longer. 
Who's Chad? I asked. She looked over at me. I took a sip of water. 
The boy I am supposed to marry when I am 19. She said looking away from me. I choked on my water. 
What? I asked
My and his parents want to make an alliance between the 2 families in order to gain more money. She said. Trust me I can't stand him he is creepy and just not my type. She said. 
Good. Because you're mine. I said she smiled and hugged me tight. 
We need to get to school. I said. She nodded and got up. I hugged her again and she left to go get ready. 
I went home showered and got dressed. I drove to school and met up with my friends. When Allyson got there I smiled and waved at her she smiled at me before Scarlet pulled her away towards her friends. 
So homecoming? I said. Who's taking who? I asked
I'm taking Rebecca. Chad said the guys whooped. 
I'm going with Erin. Zach said
I think I'm gunna ask Scarlet. Bryan said. 
I'm asking Allyson right now. Matt said walking toward her. 
No! I said stupidly. 
What? Matt asked. 
I was going to ask her. I said. The guys whooped. 
Well she hot so I'm asking her right now. Matt said. I looked over at Allyson. 
Don't do it man. I said. 
She'll say yes. Trust me. Matt said. Then after homecoming we can go back to my place and you get what I mean. She'll be easy. He said winking at the boys. They laughed. I clenched my fists as Matt said that. And you aren't going to do anything to stop me. He taunted as he got up and started walking towards Allyson. I stood up and punched him in the jaw. He yelped and swung a punch at me. I ducked and he kicked me. I lunged at him and tackled him down. He bit my arm and I pinned him to the ground. 
Don't you ever disrespect a woman like that again? I growled at him he glared at me and I got up.  
Whoa man? Zach said. 
It was just a joke. Kyle said. I ignored them and walked away. I saw Ally's eyes follow me. I walked to the bathroom and looked at my arm. It was bleeding I put my hands in my head. What am I even doing? If I love someone I shouldn't hide it no matter the consequences. I washed out the bite and went to the nurse’s office. 
Honey what did you do to your arm? She asked. 
On my way to school I... I got bit by a dog. I said lying. 
Oh honey let’s get you fixed up. She said as she cleaned the bite properly and then bandaged it up. You need to go get a rabies shot. She said. As she wrote me a note to class. 
Ok I will thanks. I said as I left. I walked to class. 

Allyson's POV
After Brent and Matt's fight I stood shocked and confused. What did Matt say to set Brent off? Scar of course went to find Brent and I was called over to help Matt. His face was all bloody and he was crying. I said to call the nurse and then left. I got in my car and drove home. When I got there it was empty. Friday was shopping day so Charles was gone along with one of his helpers named Lisa.  Annie was at school and the other maids/waiters were probably cleaning the basement and top floor. I went into my room and hopped in my bed and just slept for a bit. I woke up to Annie coming in. 
Ally? She asked. 
Uh huh? I asked groggily. 
Why are you home so early? She asked. Are you sick? 
No no. I'm fine I just have been stressed lately with the whole Seth thing and school. I just wanted to sleep all day long to try and find peace you know. I said. 
I understand well I was coming up here to clean up your room and make your bed. She said. 
Oh you're fine just to do your homework. My room isn't even dirty. You keep it immaculate. I said she smiled. 
Thanks. If you don't mind could I ask you a question? She asked
No not at all go right ahead. I said. 
What is it like to have Brent Michaels as a boyfriend? She asked. 
Um we aren't official yet. I said. 
What. She asked sitting down on my bed. I nodded. 
We have to wait till after football season because of a contract we both signed we have one more game that’s tonight and then we can date. I said. She smiled. 
I'm glad he really loves you. She said. I blushed. 
Thanks Annie. Will please wake me up in like an hour please. I asked. 
No problem Ally. She said smiling she left my room. 

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