Diamonds are Just Like Broken Glass To Me

I didn't speak for a long time, I didn't eat for a long time, I didn't smile for a long time. I was broken, I was broken into a million piece and I was never gonna be back together, the doctors said I would be broken forever, I could feel it deep down that I wouldn't, but when a doctor says you'll never walk again, you believe him and for a long long time I did, until I met Frank.
He saw a human instead of a wheelchair.


1. Give me Therapy

The second I get out of the stupid therapist office I roll a fag and put it between my lips. I take my lighter out of my pocket as I wait for the stupid lift for the three stupid steps that my stupid wheelchair can't fucking handle, I fumble about with it trying to light it, I check to see how much has is left, it's fucking empty, I through it at the ground and roll my chair into the lift and push the stupid button just as a boy skips down the steps. I roll out of the lift and realised the boy has stoped, I look up at him and he has a lighter in his hand.

"Couldnt help but notice you're out" He says with half a smile, I take the lighter from his hand and light my cancer stick.

"Thanks" I say, handing him the lighter,

"Nah, you can keep it" He smirks,

"Th..thanks?" I put it in my pocket,

"Which way you heading?" He asks, I point left,

"Coincidence? I think not" He laughs "Same" I push myself left and he starts to walk next to me, "So, What's your name?" He asks,

"Allison" I say taking a drag of my cancer stick.

"Cool, I'm Frank" He smiles "You live close?" He asks,

"Yeah, next to the tattoo place" I tell him,

"Ha, like right next to it?" He asks,

"Yeah, right next to it" I say,

"That makes you my neighbour, my mum just brought that place" We cross the road,

"Cool, How long you been there?" 

"About a month, I've never seen you though"

"I don't go out much, mainly have to make sure my little brother doesn't burn down the house"

"Do your parents know you smoke?"

"They're not around anymore" I significantly,

"Oh, I'm sorry"

"It's okay" I stop outside my house,

"See you around" He says,

"Yeah, See ya" I watch him go inside and then knock on my door, My Little brother opens it,

"Hey Aliss" He smiles and I wheel myself inside,

"Hey Harrison, where's Ray?" I ask,

"Upstairs with his girlfriend, Lauren's downstairs, Lana's on the sofa and Mason's cooking tea"

"Ooh, What's for tea?" I ask, following him into he front room,

"Pizza and chips" Suddenly someone thunders downstairs and out the front door followed by Raycalling,

"Fine! Fuck you too!" He comes downstairs and into the front room,

"Hey Alisson, Who was that guy?" He asks,

"What guy?" I ask,

"The one who lives next door?" 

"No-one, Just a guy" I say, Pulling myself out of my chair and onto the sofa next to my younger sister Lana,

"Okay..." He laughs walking out of the room "Just saying he's really hot and if you don't want him I'll sure as well have him" I shake my head. Frank was hot though, I pull the lighter he gave me out of my pocket and look at it, it's white, and then I see the writing that I didn't notice before, it has a number on it, Smooth Frank.

I pull myself back into my chair and go into my bedroom and close the door, I get my phone and ring the number,

"Hello" Frank abusers,

"Do you write your number on all your lighters?" I ask,

"Only the ones I give to cute girls" He smiles, 

"How old are you?" I ask,

"17" He says, three years... Damn.


"How old do you think I am?" I ask,

"I dunno, 16? What does it matter?"

"I'm 14 Frank"

"So? What does it matter, it's just a number"

"Thats like three years Frank"

"What say you If we forget age and give it a week and assess the damage?" I think it through,

"One sec, Ray!" Ray comes running through and I hold the phone away from my ear,

"What's wrong?" He asks,

"How old was your last boyfriend, that Bob kid?" He gives me a confused look,

"15" I nod

"Okay" I shoo him out again and put the phone back to my ear "Okay"

"Okay" He laughs slightly "See you, Do you go to school?" He asks,


"Okay, see you tomorrow then"

"See you tomorrow"

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