17 year old Pandora lives in California. Everyone thinks she's a normal California girl. But they're wrong. Pandora has this big secret she can't tell anybody.

Read for thrills and chills!!! So many people in this story!!! Example: Magcon, Sam and Colby, Harry Styles, Brent Rivera, other viners, Janoskians, Ariana Grande and more!!!


2. Chapter Two

So now you know my past now. I'm dating Harry Styles and My best friend is Ariana Grande and my brother is Nash Grier and my cousin is James from the Janoskians. My phone went off and it was a text from Harry:

Hey babe wanna hang with the lads and I at the pool?

I rolled my eyes and was so disappointed. I can't go!!! Ugh if I get wet they'll know my secret and they don't know my secret. I texted back:

Sorry, can't. I've got plans😞

Harry: Awww😩😩😩 wish you could

Me: me too

Harry: Bye babe😘

Me: 😘😘😘

Then I put my phone down and wished I could go. Then Nash barged into my room and said,"Hey the boys are coming over k?" "Ugh can't you hang at Cam's house or something?" I said. "No." He said. I rolled my eyes and then he walked out. Not too long after I heard laughing and telling. They're here. And still annoying. I planned to stay in my room but got really parched so went downstairs to get some water. The boys saw me and Nash said,"What are you doing?" "What? I was thirsty." I said. "Ooh you thirsty!" Cameron said. "Shut up." I said. I got a water bottle and put a straw in it to avoid getting wet and started slowly walking but then Jack J bumped into me and the water spilt all over my chest. I gasped and he said,"Oh my bad." I ran upstairs as quick as I could and right when I got in my room I slammed to the ground. I quickly closed and locked the door and then starred at my tail.

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