17 year old Pandora lives in California. Everyone thinks she's a normal California girl. But they're wrong. Pandora has this big secret she can't tell anybody.

Read for thrills and chills!!! So many people in this story!!! Example: Magcon, Sam and Colby, Harry Styles, Brent Rivera, other viners, Janoskians, Ariana Grande and more!!!


3. Chapter Three

I waited a while and then finally got dry and hopped to my feet. Ok I can not risk getting wet anymore so I'll just stay up in my room. I laid down on my bed and put in headphones and listened to music. Music takes me to a whole different world. I picture my life perfect when I listen to music. My phone went off and it startled me. It was a text from my best friend Ariana:

Heeeey!!! I'm SO bored!!!! Wanna come over????😃

Me: Sure!!!

Ariana: Great!!! See ya!!!

Me: See ya!!

Ok so ya my mermaid issue can stop me from hanging out with my boyfriend and family but NOT with my bestfriend! I've had close calls with Ariana but she still doesn't know my secret. I threw my hair up and put a shirt over my tank top and put on skinny jeans and then grabbed my car keys and was off. Her house is about 5 minutes away which is good. I pulled into her driveway and walked into her house. "Hi!!!" She said. "Hey!!!" I said. We hugged and then jumped on her trampoline. After that we came inside and watched Mean Girls while eating icecream and candy and popcorn and sodas and a lot more junk food.

Nash's POV

I know Pandora's hiding something. I just know it. I mean ever since she was a kid she hated water and every time she got wet she would run away and disappear. The boys were still over and I told them and we came up with a plan. She would walk in the house and I would pour water and then the boys will grab onto her so she can't get away. Simple but affective. I hear her car pull up and whisper yelled,"Guys shut up she's coming!!!" I stood by the door with a cup of water and waited. Then she walked in and I poured the water on her. She froze in shock for a second but then started to run. Cameron grabbed her and Carter and Jack G also did. She screamed and then hit Cam in the face real hard so he stumbled back and pushed Jack G down and hit Carter in the crotch then she ran upstairs.

Pandora's POV

What just happened??? I'm sitting in the bathroom looking at my tail trying to process what just happened. Great. Now I can't trust any of them.

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