17 year old Pandora lives in California. Everyone thinks she's a normal California girl. But they're wrong. Pandora has this big secret she can't tell anybody.

Read for thrills and chills!!! So many people in this story!!! Example: Magcon, Sam and Colby, Harry Styles, Brent Rivera, other viners, Janoskians, Ariana Grande and more!!!


7. Chapter Seven

He ran out of the bathroom closing the door behind him,"BEAU!!!!" I screamed frustratingly. I got dry and threw on a sports bra and jean shorts and ran after Beau. He was running from me. "Beau!!! Let me explain please!!!" I yelled. He just kept trying to get away from me. "Get away from me!" He yelled. He ran upstairs and I followed. He ran into Jai and yelled,"RUN!!!!" Jai looked confused and I sprinted as fast as I could and tacked Beau down. I pinned him down while he was panicking and I said,"Beau it's ok. It's just me." He calmed down a bit and the boys were so confused. "What was all that about?" Luke asked. "She's a fish freak." Beau said. The boys were still confused. "She had a fishtail!!!" Beau yelled. "Uuummm." Luke said. "I'm not a fish freak!!!" I said. "Ya you are, you had a freakin tail idiot." He said. "Uh no honey!" I said. "Ok!!! What's up with the fishtail freak or whatever thing???" James yelled.

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