"Do my feelings matter at all, Harry? Or is it all you are putting me through for the business? Or your own entertainment?"


1. Eploigue


"Do my feelings matter at all Harry? Or is it all you are putting me through for buisness? Or your own entertainment?"

"No." He sighed, his hands running through his hair.

"Then why are you hurting me?" I asked, feeling unwanted emotions beginning to stir up.

"I-I-I have to, the fans-"

"You're right Harry. The fans matter more than me and this relationship."

"No I didn't mean it like that-"

"You go make your fans happy."



Important characters:

Johanna Pine- Played by Miranda Kerr

Harry Styles- Himself



No place i'd Rather Be- Clean Bandits

Sky Full of Stars- Coldplay

All I Want- Kodaline

Annie's Song- John Denver

Give me Love- Ed Sheeran



This story includes minimal crude language and sexual content. If you are bothered by the listed containment's, this story will not be for you and do not read further.


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