"Do my feelings matter at all, Harry? Or is it all you are putting me through for the business? Or your own entertainment?"


3. Chapter 2

My eyelashes fluttered open, looking at my familiar surroundings. Soon I remembered my guest so I quickly hopped out of bed and threw on a blue 10 trees hoodie overtop of my tank top. I glanced at the time and realized I overslept by a couple hours, the time being 10:27am.

I hurried into the living room where I saw Harry reading my work. "Hey!" I protested, snatching the paper from his hands.

"What?" He asked, his eyebrows raising and his lips parted in surprise.

"You can't read this! It's my work!" I said, crossing my arms.

"You've got to be kidding me." He sighed standing up. "It is excellent, Johanna." He reassured me, his hands on my shoulders.

"Thanks." I said quietly, a small smile sneaking on to my lips.

"There's that smile." Harry cheered giving me a grin and poking my nose with his index finger, then walking towards the mess of a kitchen I have.

"I apologize for this." I chuckled nervously and gestured to the kitchen with displeasure.

"No worries. It just gives us something to do." He grinned at me, then pranced towards my Bluetooth speakers sassily. I laughed at his weird-ness that you would least expect from a famous Brit.

He connected his phone to my speakers and blasted Hit's One. He then danced his way to my dishes and began washing them. I giggled and joined him, loading my dishwasher in time with the beat of Megan Trainor's 'All About That Bass'.

We began screaming the lyrics in time with each other, serenading each other wildly. We soon finished cleaning the house, dancing while sweeping and mopping, the dancing you've seen in the movies with brooms, we've done it.

After finishing the housework, we settled down to organize my stacks of work.

"The Effect's of Sending our Garbage to Trash Islands?" Harry asked me, holding up a piece.

"It's a political piece." I scowled snatching it from his hand, ignoring his laugh. I put it in the pile of politic work.

"This is insane." He said in disbelief, stacking sheets of paper. "Why do you have so much?" He asked me, clearly interested in my large amounts of failures and struggles.

"Well I currently don't have a job, I just finished getting my masters in writing, but I'm struggling to find a job, and I keep getting rejected when I do manage to catch a interview." I sighed, slamming my papers down in frustration.

"They don't know what their missing out on." He smiled kindly to me.

"Thanks." I smiled back weakly. We finished collecting papers and putting them in folders, portfolios and drawers.

"Wow, you actually have a rocking chair?" Harry bugged me with a side smirk, his dimples magically reappearing. I chucked and punched his shoulder playfully, then ignored his high-pitched yelp of pain.

"Do you have places to be?" I asked, as his phone vibrated for only the 30th time since last night.

"Probably." He shrugged spontaneously.

"Holy, badass!" I teased him, and received a light shove in return. I rolled my eyes with a chuckle then said, "Go, people obviously need you."

"Then come with me!" He pleaded, pulling the puppy dog eyes that I've come to know.

"I suppose I could, assuming I wouldn't get out of it anyways." I groaned, not even attempting to get out of it because I secretly wanted to go, I enjoy his companmy to be completely honest. I heard a cheer, along with a series of claps come from Harry. "You really have no choice!" He added with a chuckle.  "Just let me get changed quickly." I sighed, and dragged myself to my bedroom.

I decided on black tights with a white t-shirt and a thick, brown cardigan over-top, which was left open. I accessorized a black infinity scarf and while studs on my earlobe. I put on my brown Uggs and high white socks with red stripes on the top that came to the top on my shoes. I left my hair in its natural wavy state and put on black mascara, black eyeliner and a warm gold eye shadow along with light pink lip gloss.

I met Harry at the front door who was already buried in his coat and on the phone, pulling his boots on.

"Calm down, mate." I heard Harry sigh.

"I'm perfectly fine! I just met someone at a small shop and I stayed the night." He said, as if the situation was normal and not strange whatsoever.

"No we didn't sleep together!" Harry exclaimed, his hand on his forehead as if he was stressed.

"Goodbye, Liam. Me and Johanna will be at rehearsals in at least 30 minutes." He said and quickly hung up his cellphone, shaking his head.

"Rehearsals?" I asked, coming out of my room, putting my house key in my small, brown side purse.

"Yes, we have got a gig tonight." He smiled, then continued on to say, "I want you to meet the rest of the boys, I think you will all get along well."

"Great, I'm excited to meet them as well." I smiled and locked the door behind us once we were in the main hall. We walked down the stairs and outside.

"I don't have to remind you to not go crazy on them... Right?" He asked along the way.

I raised my eyebrows at him. "You're kidding, right?" Harry laughed and led me down the path with a hand on the small of my back. Man, it's nice to be treated this well.

"You're right. My apologies, there was no need for that." He smiled sincerely and stopped at the curb.

"You talk to proper, but completely ruin it by your lack of manners and your childish-ness." I laughed as he rolled his eyes at me in a jokingly annoyance.

"That's not true!" He said defensively, putting his hands up as if he were to surrender.

"You wish it weren't." I giggled and gave him a teasing look.

The cab rolled up and stopped before us. We jumped in and were taken to the stadium in my hometown, Vancouver. I was located on the poorer outskirts of the town which made me wonder what the hell a celebrity from the most famous boy band in the world right now was doing in a café right there.

We were taken to a back entrance so we could enter the building in secret, in hopes not to attract the attention of fans.

"Here," said Harry, handing the cab driver a crisp 100 dollar bill. "Keep the change." He continued on. The cab driver looked at harry as if he were God, and whispered 'thank-you's'. We made a mad run for the door only to find it to be locked.

"Crap." Harry sighed and pulled the handle of the door back and forth, rattling it furiously.

"We're locked out." He finally sighed once he learnt he was utterly defeated, after several shakes of the handle & shoving the door.

"Call someone?" I suggested gesturing towards his phone, then he hissed under hi breath, a hand in his hair as he paced around nervously & in annoyance after he pulled it out.

"Dead." He muttered angrily, & he twirled his fingers in his hands.

"I feel like that means we have to go through the main entrance where all the screaming girls slash fans are hanging out." I said carefully knowing it's true, but hoping for him to deny it.

"I feel like you're right." He sighed and timidly looked at the rather large crowd.

"How are we gonna do this." I groaned, rubbing my eyes with my fingers.

"We have to just walk through and hope for the best, I'm afraid." He winced at his own words and breathed in through his teeth, making a slight hissing noise.

"Okay!" I said cheerily. "Okay." I said once more, in a mono-tone voice. "Okay." I said for the third time but in a worried voice with a touch of fear.

"Hey," he said, facing me with his hands on my shoulders, his head leaning down to be level with mine. "It's going to be alright, just don't let go of my hand nor leave my side." He said comfortingly, then gave me a quick hug. "They're all harmless really, they just get happy!" 

"I really hope you're right, Harry." & with that his hand was linked in mine and our hands fit together well, just saying. He lead me around the crowd for at least 10 seconds until I heard a scream.


All of the sudden we were surrounded by screaming and crying girls who held their cameras out, taking pictures or begging for one.

Hands were grasping onto our clothes trying to pull us in, but Harry easily overpowered them and pushed through the crowd, ignoring questions and pleads.

Harry tightened his grip on my hand as he pulled me through the large, rough crowd and lead me to the front door where he had to ask a guard to let us in because we got locked out.

While he was working on that, girls demanded to know who I was, what I was doing with Harry and who I was with him. We finally got inside safely and I gasped as soon as the door shut.

"Harmless, hey?" I panted, giving Harry a teasing look.

"Shut-up, Johanna." He laughed and shoved me lightly away from him. Harry led me down the halls and out into the stadium, once again with a hand on the small of my back. I really like how he makes me feel. How I get that shiver up my spine when his hand touches me, even the slightest bump of the shoulders, bump of the knee, accidental brush of the fingertip, it feels amazing.

"Holy crap, this is huge!" I gasped, walking in circles in awe at how many seats there were. I estimated around 20,000 seats. 

"I agree. It's a huge adrenaline rush, I must say." He laughed then led me down the stairs which took forever might I add. We eventually reached the stage the stage after minutes off descending down roughly 300 stairs I assume where 4 boys were watching us. Harry offered me a hand, which I accepted and he pulled me onstage with a cheeky smile.  

"This is Johanna Pine. Johanna, Meet Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis." He introduced us proudly, and he smiled hopefully at the boy's whom were staring at me, checking out what I was all about.

"Nice to meet you!" They finally exclaimed after a long pause with friendly smiles. Harry gave them a angry look then flashed me a smile when I raised my eyebrows at him. I rolled my eyes at him, then walked forward to give Niall, Liam, Louis & Zayn a small hug just to be friendly. 

"So tell me Johanna," Liam started. "What do you do for a living?" 

"Oh, well I actually don't have a job currently, but I have my Master's in writing, so I hope to become employed soon!" I laughed nervously, afraid i'd embarrass myself or something.

"Her writing is actually quite interesting! I read a few of her papers." Harry cut in, making me sound better than i actually was. Wow, what a gentleman, saving me from the embarrassment of poor writing skills which reflects under the fact that I'm unemployed. Shoutout to Harry for that one. I smiled at them sweetly as they nodded politely.

"Well let's get going, shall we!" Harry suggested & stood up to indicate he meant business. He flashed me an apologetic smile. I shrugged back one hopped off the stage to the from row seats to listen. 

I looked down at my hands and played around with them while the group prepared themselves for voice check.

"I'm sorry about how skeptical everyone was." A familiar British voice said beside me. I looked up to see a frowning Harry.

"It's whatever, i'm used to it. Everyone is skeptical of writers & me in general." I said and stared forward as he settled into the seat beside me.

"What do you mean?" He asked me in a concerned voice.

"Writing, It's a hard business." I shrugged. Harry waited for me to continue politely, because he knew there was more to it than I was letting on.

"I'm dyslexic, which makes it harder to get accepted work-wise & social-wise. I mean yeah, a lot of people have dyslexia, but for some reason, I get to feel the wrath of it." I sighed. "People can tell I am, because I interpret things slower, it takes me more time to figure out social situations & everything I guess." I chuckled nervously, avoiding eye contact with him.

"I get it. The boys' just find it hard to warm up to girls I bring them to meet, because apparently I do a lot, but they were never serious you know?" He said, looking forward with me. We sat in silence, just taking it all in. he turned towards me and tilted my head towards his with his hand. "This isn't like that though, okay? This one's different, so they better get used to you." He smiled, looking at my lips. I grinned back, and then melted into his sculpted arms as he pulled me close to his chest. 

"Harry!" I heard Liam shout from the stage. I pulled away and nodded towards the stage, sending him off. He smiled at me, and kissed my cheek then joined the boys'. I listened to their melodic voices & quietly hummed along, a smile permanently on my face.





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