Are you in love with your girlfriend?

A little poem (that doesn't rhyme sorry) I wrote about a boy from my school who I had fallen in love with, and desperately wanted to get closer to - romantic or platonic alike.


1. Are you in love with your girlfriend?

Are you in love with you girlfriend?

Do you smile against your will

because of every word she says,

and every thing she does?

Does her smile,


and face

make you feel

like you're being punched

in the stomach?

Do you constantly find new things

in her very being

that makes you irrationally happy

and forces you

too fall even more in love?

Are you in love with your girlfriend?

Because I'm in love with you,

and this is how I feel about you.

But if she brings you the same happiness

as I feel when I'm around you,

I wouldn't want you for the world to miss it!

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