A Story Behind Every Scar

An Alex rider fanfic I uploaded on wattpad, I though I'd see what you guys think! Alex rider! What happens when K-Unit see the scars that surround alex like a blanket? What happens when a mission with unusual circumstances forces Alex to do something he hasn't done for years? What happens when he starts to trust?


1. The Discovery

Alex was pissed. A certain grey man aka the prestgious head of MI6 had stopped the plan to send him to Sabina's. After Cairo there had been a failed assasination attempt on the Pleasure's. So here he was two weeks later at 5:00am in the canteen of his personal hell.Which also happened to be know as Breacon Beacons SAS training ground.The Sargent hated that he was here and made that very apparent.

He walked into the canteen with soft silent footfalls, once a spy always a spy they say. But Alex wasn't known as a spy here. Here he was still double o nothing. He could ignore the jeers and glares of the soldiers, he refused to call them team mates, he could ignore everything now. Since Cairo Alex had been almost dead, he performed all his tasks silently yet perfectly. Anyone who saw his eyes would be scared they were dead eyes lifeless as if all the joy of life had bee suck out. And in someways it had.

A few hours later was when the problem started...

For the first time since Alex re-joined K-Unit they were swimming. Of course Alex could swim, he wasn't ready for Snake,Wolf and Eagle to see the patchwork of scars that made up his body. For the first time since Cairo Alex felt something, he was scared.

He srood at the edge of the lake with the instructor and the rest of the unit. He had blocked out what the instucter was saying until he heard him yell at him " Kid, Oi you kid, take your shirt off!"

Alex slowly obeyed peeling his long sleeved kaki top off. The instuctor gasped when he saw Alex's torso causing K-Unit to turn and look as well.

It was Eagle who broke the silence, "Cub what the hell happened to you?"

Alex ignored him choosing to prepare for the swimming.

then snake grabbed his arm not to gently and dragged him away from the lake. " N' uh young man not until i've done a full medical."

Alex just gave in, he didn't care anymore.

Snake got halfway through the medical before he stopped, swore and called Wolf over. Wolf came without the usual jeers, he could see Snake was worried and didn't want to make it worse. When Wolf saw what Snake had stopped at he too swore. He then stormed off towards the Sargent's cabin. Eagle,Snake and Cub followed behind.

When they arrived they heard Wolf's dulcet tones bellowing at the Sargent "WHY DOES HE HAVE A F*CKING BULLET WOUND ABOVE HIS F*UCKING HEART!!! god damn it" he continued to swear and yell about the mulitude of burns, scars, brandings, lacerations, punctures and mutated skin that formed who we know as Alex Rider.

They also heard the sargents calm reply " Ask MI6."

Alex swore when he heard that reply, sh!t was about to go down...

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