Forever is Never That

"Don't say forever."

"Why not?"

"Because, forever is never that."


3. Something's great

"IDs please." The bartender asks, holding out her hand. She is blond, with grey eyes, she's really pretty. Louis hands his over, and so do I, Louis can't seem to lift his eyes off of her chest. "Okay, what can I get you?" She asks, taking notice of how Louis can't seem to look up. She practically encourages him, by leaning forward and pushing her chest out. Slut. Wait...I don't really care.

"I'll a Sam Adams and she'll have a..."

I cut him off, "I'll have a Sam Adams too." Louis finally looks away from the bartenders chest, and gives me a surprised look. The bartender, turns her back to us, as she grabs our beers.  When she sets them down, I take a swig and add, "By, the way Mr. Can't-Control-My-Testosterone, I can order my own drinks.  Now, that you've been warned I advise you never try to order for me."  He smirks, lifting the beer to his mouth, and setting it back down. 

"Feisty I see.  Listen here, babe, if I'm paying I'll order, got it?"  His voice shows a hint of amusement, as he eggs me on.  I don't answer, but just finish my beer and ask for another.  We order mild wings, and fest on only wings. 


"Great, that's just great."  I huff, a little tipsy, as I look at the text I got from Perrie.  She told me if I wanted to remember her as a descent person, or just to not see Zayn naked, to not come back to our dorm.  

Louis breaks his conversation with the bartender and her breasts, and gives me a curious look.  "What's great."  He asks, basically dismissing the bartender.  She bounces back fast and starts to talk to the next descent looking guy sitting at the bar. 

"Something's great."  I say, sarcastically.  He just gives me a look of boredom, and annoyance like he actually want's to know what is so great. I sigh in defeat and answer him reluctantly, "Perrie and Zayn have bumped uglies, and I need to find a place to stay."  I tell him, with a yawn, suddenly growing tired.  I text Harry.

'Busy tonight? XamberX'

I look up at Louis and he's smiling, "That's cute."  He says, I blush not sure of what he meant.

"What is?"  I tilt my head to the right, and take a sip of my martini.  I decided to finish the night of alcohol off with something a little more classy than a Samuel Adams beer.  He smiles, a genuine smile.  I want to kiss him, I won't deny it, because it's the truth.

"The way your tongue sits on your lips when you text...who are you texting by the way?"  I blush even more, the stupid little habit has been mine for awhile.  I also have a bad habit of making a weird face when I'm watching t.v. and/or concentrating really hard on something.   I also stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating on something way too hard, like that text.  It's annoying and people just love to point them out, and making fun of me for them. 

"Don't even mention the tongue, because I heard all the jokes thank you. I'm texting Harry..."


"Yeah, I was going to ask him if..." My phone goes off, playing Talk Dirty To Me by Jason Durelo. It's a text from Harry.

'Nope, I'm sitting at home doing nothing why? XxHarry'

'I need somewhere to spend the night. XamberX' I'm just about to hit send when my phone is ripped from my hands. I give Louis an 'are you kidding me' look. "I wasn't making a joke, I think it's cute." He says leaning forward, he places my phone back in my hand and I look down at my screen. It was opened to his contact, which brand spanking new, and I sent him a text so he'd have my number. I finally sent the message to Harry, and he agrees, and I tell him I'd get a ride.

"Thanks...I guess, do you mind dropping me at Harry's? Liam always has someone to entertain, and I really don't have anywhere but Harry's left to go." I say, finishing off the last of my drink. Louis' eyes grow dark, with a bit of anger. I sit up, shocked by the look.

"Harry's is a bit out of my way, you can stay at mine. If you want, I think it'd be easier that way. Plus I live closer so we can stay here longer, and you can drink more. I want more wings." He just kind of ticks everything off, and says it fast. I nod slowly and order another drink. I text Harry back, telling him I'm spending the night at Louis's and he tells me to be careful.


About half past...I'm wasted we finally leave, Louis has to help me to his car. I hear him laugh as I slur a swear word, because I left my microphone at Walmart. "We didn't go to Walmart." Louis assures me, "You didn't have a microphone to begin with, love." I stop, rather abruptly.

"I like that." I tell him, honestly. He gives me a questioning look, "When you call me love, it makes me feel...nice." I tell him, leaning on his shoulder. My eyelids close, next thing I know I've been picked up by Louis, and carried to the car.  I'm not asleep, I'm fully awake enjoying the short walk in his arms, and when he tries to place me in the back seat I scream.  "DON'T PUT ME DOWN! Iwannabecarriedmore."  I rush out the last phrase and wrap my arms tightly around his neck.  I feel his chest vibrate when he chuckles.

"I'll make you a deal, you can sit in the front, I'll hold your hand as I drive, and then carry you to my apartment."  I mull it over and climb down from his arms, and sit in the car.  The ride is silent, but fast.  His hand doesn't leave mine, until we reach his apartment complex.  He keeps his word, and carries me to his apartment.  I hug him, and I lock away his scent, it's mix of pine needles and Axe.  "Can I ask you a question?"

I giggle before answering, "You did, and that was a dumb question to ask.  If I were a genie of questions, and I only allowed three you just wasted one." 

"Is that a yes?"  He asks, as he adjusts my weight, to unlock his door. 

"You better be careful, that was your second question."  He gives me a look, "Oh fine, yes, go ahead, party pooper."

"Do you really not think of yourself unattractive?"  He asks pushing the door open and walking into his apartment.  I nod yes, answering his question, but completely in awe of his nice apartment.  The floors are shiny hardwood, there's a black love seat, a black recliner, a black flat screen, and a black glass top coffee table.  I climb out of his arms, and look around.  I step into the kitchen, he has a stainless steal fridge, microwave, and oven.  The counter tops are marble, and everything looks neat.  I walk out of the other door and I'm in a hallway with three doors.  One is the bathroom with tiled floors, the other is a messy guest room, and the third is his room. 

"This place is beautiful.  It's not too big like Harry's, or Zayn's and Liam's, or too small it's nice and cozy."  I say, a yawn falling from my lips.  I slowly make my way back into the living room, I stumble a little, making Louis laugh.

"Well, c'mon then I'll get you something to wear to bed."  He starts to walk away, so I jump on his back, he doesn't even falter, just keeps walking.  He open's his room and goes straight to his dresser, me still on his back.  "Here, try this."  I climb down and change right in front of him, to drunk to care.  I'm in a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt of his too. "You can sleep in here, I'll sleep in the guest room."  He says, and helps me into bed.  He tucks me in.

"Good-night Louis."  I whisper with a yawn.

"Good-night Beautiful."  He whispers back.  My eyes droop and I'm too soon asleep.


Louis's Pov:

I close my door behind me, and lean against it.  I called her beautiful, I didn't mean too it just...came out.  She is beautiful, her hair is long and blonde, it's soft too.  Her eyes, are a beautiful brown, almost like a melted caramel, and they just draw you in.  Her lips are full, but not big and they look even better when she smiles, her perfect smile.  I can't find a flaw to her, how could anyone.  She can hold her drinks, I mean she must have drank at least ten bottles of beer and three martinis before she was fully drunk.  She doesn't see her own beauty, just making her twenty time more gorgeous.  I like her.  So does Harry, and that is a problem.


Okay, that is chapter number drei, I hope you enjoyed.  Let me know what you think in the comments, please, and don't forget to like and favorite if you think my movella is so far worthy of that.  I added more Louis...because it's his fanfic, and I added a short POV for him. 


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