The Children of the Gods

24 demigods set out to save the world. Khione is up to mischief.


2. The Quest

Kate stood at the top of the cliff. Matt came up to her took her hand.  Ice crawled up the trees around them and crept along the floor to their feet. "Khione."  Matt muttered. "We go that way!" He pointed to his left, where the ice was thinner. The twenty two other demigods  followed them as they headed in a general left direction.

They were on a quest. For what? They weren't sure, but from Rachel's prophecy the had got the following points;

Khione was angry.

She wanted the gods to notice her.

To get the gods to notice her and get revenge, she was going to start a war.

So basically, they had to stop Khione from starting a war at an unknown deadline, at an unknown location and on an unknown scale with unknown allies. 

Oh, joy!

Kate hung back behind the other demigods with Reese. They were unlikely friends considering their parents. Kate was the daughter of Aphrodite, goddess of love and Reese was the daughter of Ares, god of war.

"I don't like this quest." Reese said as they walked.

"Why?" Asked Kate.

"We don't actually know where we're going or what we're doing."

"Maybe that's the point of the quest. Maybe we have to work that out."

Reese shrugged and they joined the others who had stopped for a break. They slumped against the trees and gulped the water from their bottles.

"Aw, man!" Luala moaned, "My water's leaked!"

The demigod's laughed and Marcus chucked her his bottle. She caught it and poured the water down her throat. 

"Where exactly are we?" Dan asked.

Cara pulled a map out of her backpack and unrolled it on the floor. She placed stones on the corners to hold it down. The demigods gathered round her to see it.

"Last time we looked we were here." Cara placed her finger on the map. "The border between New York and Quebec."

"And where are we now?" Asked Marcus.

"Here." Said Cara  pointing to just inside Montreal. 

"So, are we just following the ice?" Asked Katya.

"That seems to be the idea." Will said. Will leaned against a tree a Katya rested her head on his shoulder. Katya felt ice crawling down her back. She sat up quickly and looked behind her. Ice was winding down the tree. Katya hauled Will off the tree. Everyone stood up and came over. 

"She's near." Said Lee.

"Keep moving." Said Scar, "We could catch her by tomorrow if we move fast. " They stood up and slung their rucksacks on their backs and continued walking. 

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