The Children of the Gods

24 demigods set out to save the world. Khione is up to mischief.


4. Kate

After a while we stopped to rest. Matt was on watch so I stayed up with him. The campfire was dying and it was really cold so Matt went to get some more wood and left me on watch.

I had been on a few quests but this quest had the most at steak.

I heard something moving. Thinking it was Matt I said; "Babe, can you fetch my coat?" I got no reply. "Matt? Is that you?" Still no reply. "Matt stop messing around." I decided that it was Matt even though I knew that it wasn't.

The night sky was suddenly light up in a glow. Fire. The fire however, died after a while but there was something that didn't.

A four headed dragon was looming towards me. "Hydra!" I screamed. I drew my sword.

Don't cut off its heads. Don't cut of its heads.

I took a deep breath and ran towards the beast.

Pierce the heart. The heart.

I drove my blade somewhere in the proximity of the heart but failed. The hydra pulled away from my blade and sprayed fire all around. The flames licked my arm. I screamed as the fire burnt my skin.

Matt's shield was a couple of meters away. If I could distract the hydra long enough so I could run over and grab the shield...

"Reese!" I yelled.

Reese was already awake but not close enough to see what was going on. Reese came running up as I ducked another blast if flame.

"Help!" I yelled. Reese had left her weapons by her bed and was now deciding whether to get them or stay.

"Matt's shield!" I yelled at her.

She ran over to the shield and threw it over to me. I caught it and smashed each head with it. The hydra cried out in pain and then produced a massive flame. I held onto Reese as the flame approached us.

Just as the flame was about to touch our faces the whole thing went out with a hiss and the hydra fell to the floor. Behind the hydra stood Matt who pulled out his sword as the hydra turned to dust.

"Matt!" I ran over to him and he smiled and put his arms around me.

"I thought you were dead." He whispered in my ear and then he started crying and that made me cry. We were both wrecked and in pieces. And we just stood there, crying and hugging. After a while we separated and started to walk back to camp.

"Soppy!" Reese muttered.

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