Auction 2

It's been 4 years since she left ...


1. intro

4 years later ....

It's been for years since I left him .

I now live in San fransico . I graduated from SFC .i live in my own place with my boyfriend ,domonic .

I made new friends too . Luke ,Ashton ,Michael ,and calum . Yes they are 5 seconds of summer .

& Yeah I know only guys but I don't care .

I'm still friends with Mia and Abby though .

I work as a hair stylist . And I hope I don't do the one direction guys hair

I know Niall has moved on . He's in the famous one direction band . They started a month after I left Niall . So one direction have been there for four years .

Niall is with Selena

( a/n

Selena Gomez is mean in this story )


It's been 4 years since she left me .

Why did I cheated on her ? Why did I bad to be so drunk ?

After we broke up me and the boys became famous .

My girlfriend is Selena Gomez

She's okay but sometime she can be bossy and annoying

I wish I can see liberty again .

I miss her very much

But she has probaby moved on . I don't even know where she is

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