Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


5. what just happened??!

*elizabeth pov*

They took me to th vip room and the concert started. It started with 5sos. I started to sing and dance along with them and when they finished they thanked thier fans and by that they left the stage. Then one direction came of the stage i started to fan girl and stuff like that. "I see that youre a huge one direction fan". I screamed and fall on my butt it was michael."thanks now my butt hurts me and i cant feel it"."sorry i didnt mean to hurt you" he pulled his puppy face, how can I reject a puppy face. "Apologie accepted but guys why are you here?". "Herewhere we stay after our opening act " said cal. "So what do you wanna do?"."i really want to play fifa".

*calum pov*

What a girl that want to play fifa there is something suspetious about her and I should know. I was gonna ask her something but her phone rang.

*elizabth pov*

My phone rang and it was my BFF sana.



E-hey how r u?

S-iam fine how about you

E-iam fine too


E- Iam in a concert right now iam sorry.

S-who's concert?

E-one direction why?

S-WHAT AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME? So you ditched me to go to a concert

E-iam sorry

S-sorry for making me freeze here while you r having fun dont talk to me again ELIZABETH JONES EDWARDS


By that the call had ended. I fell on the floor forgetting who was around me and started to cry so had. I started to think how Iam gonna get my friend back and how could I forget about me meeting her today. "Are you k?". Its was ashton he had a worried face. "No Iam not I just lost the only person that understand me"." Shhhh its gonna be ok". He tried to comfort me but I couldnt stop crying." I should go or i will never get my friend back". As I was walking toward the door Calum grabbed my hand and said "call me if you want somebody to comfort you". I give him a small smile and started to run.

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