Our fate together

Elizabeth meets her idols but she end up falling for one of them and she became related to one of them


4. backstage (one direction and 5sos)

*louis pov*

" I think she's nice". I said. " yes she is" I heard the others say."guys I think we should know her more so we should invite her".ashton said. I think he started to like her."yes we should".luke said. We all nodded in agreement.

*calum pov*

I felt something strange when I first saw her. I felt like I saw her before like in my dreams or memories I dont know."guys I felt something strange when I saw elizabeth"."someone have a.......cruuash".louis said." Its not like that I mean I saw her somewhere but I dont know where?!"." OMG! She could be related to you or something like that!!!!".as soon as I heard that words from micheal I started to think if his saying the truth or is he just joking.

((Sorry for this short chapter I wasnt thinking good because I was awake since yesterday and its 7:20 in the morning.

P.s: I can be awake for two days in a row))

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