I'm worried about you

This is a story about my life and everything about it so far... If you don't like stories that involve self-harm or suicidal attempts, don't read. I might have swears in this... I might not...

I just planed out this entire story and it was 43 chapters or drafts, and it just deleted all of the draft titles. *explodes*


1. When I first met you

It started in third grade.

It had been a indoor recess.

I was sitting at my desk alone drawing.

She walked up to me to see and we started talking.

It turns out that she liked drawing too.

We became instant best friends and would talk all the time during school.

I started going over to her house, and I met her family.

She had a brother and a sister.

Her brother was her twin, but didn't go to the same school because he was autistic.

Her sister was younger by two years and went to the same school.

Me and her little sister started to talk and I became a better friend with her.

Eventually, I called her my best friend forever.

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