The twins, Kelly and Ellie, suffered from the tragic lost of their parents. Now that they are in a group home, they are hoping a family will love them as much as their parents did. When a family does come up, will there be problems? New school new bad boys... new cute brother? We'll see!


3. New Home

Kelly's POV


The ride home was mostly silent except for the few questions headed towards us. I cant believe we have a home now! "So this is it!"Ella (Daniella, told us to call her Ella) said. It was a pretty big house, not too big but not too small either. Above perfect! "Its so pretty!" Ellie said looking at it. "Well make sure you know its defiantly your home too!" Ella said. "Ben honey, please take their bags inside." Ella said walking up the steps to the house. "No here i can take mine!" Ellie said trying to help Ben. "No! It's okay, I'm sure i can handle it!" Ben said taking the luggage from her. "Ohm, okay.." Ellie blushed. "C'mon in girls!" Ella said opening the front door. We both entered the house, When you first go into the house, to the right is the mud room, and the laundry room with the garage right across from it. To the left side, its a really nice dinning room with a table that can seat at least 8 people. once you walk a little bit in, to the right there is a little hallway and it leads to a mini game room with two rooms extending from it. Each one had its own bathroom! The gameroom consisted of a flat screen with a wii and an an x box one with a nice modern sofa. It was really cool! "Those are Ben and Courtney's rooms. Your guys room is upstairs." Ella said. We kept walking until we saw tha kitchen. It was a good size kitchen with an island as a breakfast bar. the living room was very classy, looked like no one even sits on that couch! We went upstairs which was another game room . this one was a little bit bigger, and it had one HUGE room next to it. This house literally had two master bedrooms. "Ok so this is your room, we made sure to give you guys the bigger one out of the house because the both of you are sharing a room, we kinda already decorated it so i hope its ok!" Ella said unsure. "Mom, its perfect!" Ellie said...she said mom...Whoa. "Our favorite color is pink and blue! Its so perfect!" I said laying on the bed. It was cool because it had two full size beds seperated by a book shelf, we both love to read! and then it was a bathroom that had a colorful shower curtain and the matching rug. right besides the beds wa a little spiral staircase that lead up to the attic that they converted into a girl-cave! "The girl-cave was my idea!" Courtney grinned. "o way?! That is so chill!" Ellie said. "You can so come in here whenever yo0u want girl!" I said patting her back. "Well, we will let you two get settled in, when you're done you can come downstairs and we'll have dinner." Ella said leading Courtney out of our room. "Well here are you bags!" Ben said setting them down on each of our beds. "Thanks Ben!" Ellie said eyeing him. Shes majorly crushing. "No problem! So are you guys Juniors or sophomores?" Ben asked sitting down on the couch. "Juniors, we turn 17 in May!" I said. its barely the beginning of December! "Oh cool! So we'll be in the same grade. I'll give you guys a tour tomorrow." He said smiling. "That'd be cool. Maybe we'll even have some classes together." I said smiling. "Yeah, anyways, if you guys need anything, you know where my room is." He said walking out. "Someone has a crush!" I whispered. "Shut up!!" She whispered yelled. "I'm only stating the obvious!" I said putting my arms up. She rolled her eyes. "I can't believe this is our room! Its gorgeous!" She said changing the subject, typical Ellie. "Yeah i know! This house kinda reminds me of home, but at least in this family, we have siblings!" I said happily. "Yeah, i winder who or new dad is, maybe hes working or something." Ellie said. "Yeah, well ask when we go down stairs." We finished putting our clothes where they belong. We went downstairs like Ella/mom said to. "Good! You guys are done. Dinner is almost ready!" Ella said smiling. We nodded and went to the mini game room with Ben and Courtney's rooms are. "Hey ya'll are done!" Ben said looking up from his video game. "Can we ask you something?" Ellie asked. He paused his game and looked at us. "Yeah anything! What's up?" He asked. we sat down next to him on the couch. "Do we have a dad?" I asked as simple as i could. He looked down for a little bit. "We did, he passed two years ago, Plane crash." He said not looking at us in the eye. "Oh my god... I'm so sorry! We should have never asked!" Ellie said regretting it. "No it's okay, I mean we were going to have to tell you either way, might as well get it over with ya know?" He said with a half smile. "Dinner's Ready!" Ella shouted. We all got up and went to the kitchen. "Ben go set the table honey, Court you start serving the plates." Ella said. "What do we need to do?" I asked. "Oh sweetie! Nothing right now, you guys can go ahead and sit at the table." Ella said smiling. We both nodded and went to the table. "Okay, Dinner is served!" Ben said handing us each a plate with food. "Wow this looks amazing!" Ellie said looking at the food. "Well thank you!" Ella said laughing. "Let's just hope it taste as good as it looks!" Ben said messing around. "Hey, I'm not that bad!" Ella said laughing as well. "Ellie should cook for you guys sometime! She loves to cook, and her food taste amazing!" I said. Ellie blushed a little. "Wow! Now someone knows how to cook in the family!" Courtney joked. "Whatever guys! Anyways, i decided that since you guys are part of the family now, that you two need some kind of communication device. So i got you a phone, its unlimited everything so don't worry about minutes or data" Ella said handing us each a phone. Its a Galaxy 4 or 5, I'm really not sure. "Wow! Thank you!" We both said smiling really big. "I made sure that i put in all our numbers in there for you to have." Ben said. "Well thanks Ben." Ellie said looking at him. He just nodded. "Well dinner was great!" I said to Ella. "Oh don't lie! anyways you girls go to school tomorrow, we leave at 6:30 so wake up in time!" Ella said washing the dishes. Ellie made her way back to the table an cleaned up the plates and wiped down the table. "Oh honey! Thank you!" Ella said smiling. "No problem! Well goodnight!" She said kissing her cheek. "Goodnight you two! Don't stay up too late!" Ella yelled after us. I think I'm going to like it here. I think we both are.

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