The twins, Kelly and Ellie, suffered from the tragic lost of their parents. Now that they are in a group home, they are hoping a family will love them as much as their parents did. When a family does come up, will there be problems? New school new bad boys... new cute brother? We'll see!


2. Everything's New

Ellie's POV


"Wake up girls!! Family's are coming in today! Wear your best dress!" Betty yelled through the rooms. "Kelly, what are you going to wear?" I asked getting up from the bunk bed. "Maybe that pink skirt with a tank. What about you?" She said walking to the closet. "Idk. Maybe that flower dress that's short but not too short!" I said grabbing. "You are genius. With those brown combat books to match the belt ofcourse!" She said giving me her boots. I guess you can say we get along when it comes to fashion. "That's sis! Here's my black wedges for your outfit." I said handing her my shoes. My daddy happened to be the CEO of a major business company and he did make a lot of money. His savings was huge. And since were the only family, we have it all. Last us for a few years! "What if we get stuck here forever?" I asked thinking out loud. "Don't say that El! Someone has to love us, maybe not how mom and dad did, but still." She said hugging me. "Now get dressed! Or Betty's going to have a tantrum!" She joked. I giggled picturing the scene. I change and let my wavy hair fall naturally. "You look stunning! Now let's go!" I hurried my sister. "Right back at ya hot stuff!" She joked. We ran to the living room were the other girls and Betty were waiting. "Best behaviors girls. Only 3 family are coming today so don't get your hopes up. There will be more to come! Ellie and Kelly. Follow me please." Betty ordered. We followed her to the hallway. "Room two is the family that wouldn't mind taking both. So go in there. Good luck." She said with no emotion what so ever. "Teeth check!" We yelled. "Nose check!" "Breath check!" We yelled again. It's what we do before we go out anywhere. We both nod and take a deep breath. She opens the door and I go in first with a smile. "Hi!" We both said we looked at each other and laughed. "Jinx!" She said. "Hello! How are you guys?" The mom asked. They're was only a mom, a daughter and a son. And the son is really cute. Like OMG cute. "Good! How are y'all?" I said sitting down across the table from them. "Good good! So how old are you guys?" She asked. The daughter looked around 14 and the son was about 16-17. "Sixteen! " we both said. "You're just a bit younger than Ben here! He just turned seventeen." She said smiling. "Hey I'm Ben!" Ben said smiling. Gorgeous. Green eyes. Dark brown hair.He had a bit of stubble that did make him look a bit older... He did have a nose ring but he made it look really good. "Hi Ben! Nice to meet you." We both said. "And this is Courtney. Shes 13." The mom said. "Hi! Nice to meet you too!" We both said. "Oh, and I'm Daniella." She said smiling. "It's really good to meet you all!" I said. Kelly nodded in agreement. "Likewise! So I mean we've read your profiles. We've meet you guys in person. You don't seem like delinquents to me."she joked. We all laughed. "I think it's a yes? You?" She asked Ben. "Of course!" He said smiling. Daniella looked at Courtney. "I get to have older sisters. Absolutely." She said. "No way!" Kelly and I said. "Paper work here we come!" The mom said. I mean Daniella. Betty came because our time was up. "I can't believe this is really happening!" Kelly said still in shock. "Betty were leaving!" I said excitedly. "Thank goodness....... I mean that's great!" Betty tried to cover. "Well go pack your stuff up! I'll happily give Daniella all the paperwork!" Betty said smirking. "Thank God we're leaving! Betty is soo weird!" Kelly said. "Hey, lets hope our new family is good for us! They seem really ..nice!" I said smiling. "And that translates into, You totally have a crush on Ben!" She said just realizing it. "I do not! I just think hes very attractive!" I say defensively. "Well hes all yours sista! I gotta keep my eye out for the cute guys at our new school!" She said biting her lip. "How do you know there's cute guys at the school we are going to? We don't even know what school it is!" I said surprised. "Let's just say that Betty doesn't keep her files locked!" She said seriously. Leave it up to Kelly to get into things she's not supposed to! She's more of the 'rebel'. I'm more 'boy trouble'. Leave it up to me to lead guys on without even knowing. Natural flirt i guess. "I'm all packed! You?" Kelly asked after about 45 minutes. "Yeah! done! ahh! i just cant even wait!" I said squealing.  "I know! I'm gonna miss mom and dad though." She said looking down. "Hey, we still have a part of them with us!" I said holding my necklace. "Yeah you're right." She said holding her necklace as well. We linked arms and walked out into the hallway where Betty was waiting for us. "You girls ready?" She said leading us to the door. "Never more ready in my life." I breathe out. "Okay, your new family is right outside the door, good luck!" Betty said giving us a little push. We both took out a long breath before walking outside. "You guys ready!" Daniella asked. 

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