Tumblr Stories

So I was looking up tumblr harry styles and these stories popped up. Each story will include the original writer. Hope you enjoy. :) INCLUDES INTENSE SEX SCENES AND OTHER MATERIAL DO NOT READ IF NOT WANTED THANK YOU


1. Story by: perksofbeinganidiot

The sun shone through the holes of the old tree house that Harry and I had built when we were younger, the furniture old, but still comfortable. We managed to place an used but small couch, which was previously from my parents but they thought it was too old to use it anymore and bought a new one, and a few tables that we made ourselves. They were really just a few wooden planks, nailed together, but it was practical and useful so we both didn’t complain.

Harry and I have been best friends since we were four years old and never skipped a day without seeing each other. We have been close from the start and always told each other what was bothering us, told each other our secrets and desires, even though that may have been dirty from time to time. But that was just how teenagers are, full of raging hormones and sexual desires. Aside from that, we were just two normal individuals together, on an adventure that some people wouldn’t even call one. But we had our own adventure, just like we had when we were younger.

”Hey,” I spoke when Harry had arrived that afternoon, a faint blush on his cheeks from cycling through the chilly wind that brushed over the nature here. Our tree house was built in the middle of nowhere and only him and I knew about it because it was our secret hang out.

”Hey,” He breathed and pushed himself inside the tree house after a small struggle of climbing up the tree. We hadn’t got a small rope or ladder on purpose because we knew that that would attract attention if someone would walk around in these woods, which was highly unlikable, but still.

Harry pecked my cheek and sat down in the corner of the tree house right after, hugging his legs close to his chest, looking at me. There was something wrong with his behaviour, because normally he was a bit more louder, started telling about what he had done today, but instead he just leaned his head on top of his knees and shifted his glance from me to the square hole in the wall, that had to serve as a window, looking outside.

”Is there something wrong?” I asked softly and crawled from the couch, over the floor to his body, which was curled up against the wall. He ignored my voice and continued with avoiding any contact between us. Small tears appeared in his eyes, automatically making them glossy. Something was off, but he wouldn’t tell me yet. It is better to give him a minute, I thought, he will do his story then. And waiting paid off, because he took a deep breath and started speaking.

”I miss someone around.” He mumbled and a tear trickled over his cheek, down to his jawline. I frowned, and wiped his tear away before I began to remove his arms from his legs and pushed them open, so I could place my body between them and cuddle into his chest. Harry seemed to appreciate the action and wrapped his arms around my body, just to hold me close.

”But we’re together every single day.” I spoke and wiped another tear away, what only made him sob louder. My features saddened and I hugged him closer to me, what made him rest his head on top of mine, tears dripping down on my cheek. While he tried to calm himself down, I rubbed my hand up and down his back, trying to comfort the guy.

”It’s not that, [Y/N]. I know you are here for me whenever I need you, and I still appreciate and love you for that but it is not that what bothers me. I’m talking about a lover, [Y/N]. I miss the feeling of being wanted, appreciated in a love kind of way.” He sobbed softly and I knew what he was talking about: a girlfriend. Harry has always been the hopelessly romantic one and was always so happy to have a girlfriend to put his love in, and of course, to receive the same thing.

”It has been, what, three years since I had my last girlfriend? I just get the feeling that nobody really sees me for who I am. Nobody looks at me and thinks oh, that is a nice boy to have a relationship with. Girls don’t feel attracted to me. I just don’t feel loved and appreciated in that kind of way. I feel alone, abandoned.” He cried and I hushed him, knowing how he felt after he got dumped by that girl who had found someone else behind his back. Harry had caught her kissing some other guy behind the school building that afternoon, a bit later than school ended. I had to comfort him for 2 months to get him over his heartbreak.

Silence fell between us and his body became a bit boneless in my arms, muscles relaxing to the touch of my hands rubbing over his skin and my soothing words whispered into his ear. I didn’t want him to feel like this, so shitty and horrible. Harry had always been a good kid and the least he could have gotten in return was what he wanted the most: love.

”[Y/N], could you do me a favour?” Harry suddenly asked out of nowhere after a long time of painful silence between us two, and I hummed softly while brushing his hair, which was something that he liked. He almost asked me to brush his hair when we cuddled, because he just liked the feeling of someone playing with his chocolate brown strands. Maybe it was just the feeling, maybe it was just the idea. I don’t know.

”Of course.” I spoke and kissed his temple softly, what made him sigh in a somewhat relieved way as he laid there with me in his arms, holding me tightly against him to keep me close. He means everything to me, and I know that I mean the same to him. It has always been that way, and nobody could get between our friendship. We were too close for that.

”Can we play that we’re lovers?” He asked so softly like he was afraid of my answer. I didn’t understand what he was intending with that, and raised my head from his chest, only to look into his green eyes, which seemed to be desperate for something.

”What?” I asked, not understanding what he was meaning with that at all. Harry let out a soft sigh before he took a deep breath and managed to look into the eyes again, his own brimming with tears.

”I wondered if we could pretend as if we’re lovers. You can play mine and I can play yours. I just want to feel some love. It is just for the rest of the time we are here today. We don’t ever have to speak about it again, it’s just that I crave for the feeling of love. Please, it won’t change anything between us, I promise.” He spoke and I began to consider that for a moment. Harry really needed some love, and since we were so close, he figured that maybe I could help him out. And I agreed, because he’s my best friend and he would do the same for me in these kind of situations.

”I can play your lover.” I told and moved away from his body, which also meant that our cuddle got broken up. Harry stared at me like he couldn’t believe what he had just heard but smiled when I repeated it for him, so he knew that he wasn’t hearing things that weren’t said.

”I want to play yours.” Harry whispered and crawled over to me, what got my heart thumping in my chest. Once he sat in front of me, it seemed like a button was switched, and our best friendship was put onto hold. Our friendship turned into being lovers quickly, like it has never been so hard to and Harry grabbed my face into his hands before he smashed his lips on top of mine, tingles washing over my body like shower water would. I had never felt like that while kissing someone. Harry was different.

Our kiss got deepened before we knew it and Harry slid his tongue into my mouth, desperate to find mine to play with while he fed me his, saliva getting mixed in the progress. I knew that it was wrong, but while kissing Harry, I began to feel turned on and even though I wasn’t that easy at all, I wanted to do nothing but to fuck him. Though, I didn’t push anything because I didn’t want to scare him. Instead, I began to trail my kisses from his lips to his jawline and neck, in search for his sweet spot.

”[Y/N], yes. Please give me more.” Harry moaned softly, his back arching a bit as he tilted his head away from me so I had better access to the skin of his neck. My lips continued to brush over his skin and once he let out a low moan, I knew I had found the spot I was searching for. Just like a girlfriend would do to her boyfriend, I sucked a mark on him, drawing his blood to the surface. A moan rolled over his lips again and his hands grabbed onto my body tightly, nails slightly sinking into my skin.

When I was done with sucking my mark on him, licked the bruised spot and peppered some kisses on it as a finishing touch, he copied my actions and immediately began to seek for my spot as well, his soft yet moisturized lips brushing over my skin. Once he had reached somewhere just underneath my ear, tingles washed over my body again, down to my core, what made me moan out his name. He bit on the spot, leaving a bite mark before he began to suck, creating a mark of his.

”Mine.” He growled and licked it, in attempt to soothe it. Then, Harry smashed his lips back onto mine, his tongue immediately slipping into my mouth again, finding mine to swirl his around. A warm glow spread all over my body when he growled that I was his, somehow feeling flattered, even though we all pretended to be lovers for the rest of the time being here in our tree house.

Due lack of air, we had to pull back and Harry connected our foreheads while we both panted, breaths brushing over each other’s skin. His eyes pierced into mine deeply, emotions that I had never seen before, now visible. My eyes dropped to his crotch when he nervously shifted on the ground, a tent visible in his pants. He had gotten rock hard.

"[Y/N], I- I can expl-” He tried to talk himself out of what I saw but I cut him off in mid-sentence by placing a finger on top of his soft lips. His green eyes watched me with nothing but utter fear as I caressed his cheek and pressed a soft, yet small kiss on his lips, just to comfort him. To my surprise, he relaxed and grabbed my hand, intertwining fingers quickly.

"Shh. It’s okay." I softly murmured when he pressed his lips back onto mine and I placed my hand on his knee, only to let it slide up to his thigh. The higher my hand slid upwards, the rougher and needier he began to kiss, which made me smile. When I was about to reach what I wanted to touch the most, he moaned and pulled back from kissing me.

"Please, just- just touch me." Harry begged softly underneath my touch and immediately grabbed my wrist to move my hand to his cock, which was twitching inside his pants. When my hand grabbed a hold on it and rubbed, I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I had never touched my best friend like this. I never even thought about it.

"Do you really want me to, baby? Do you want your best friend to touch you?" I mumbled softly when I began to squeeze him through his jeans, feeling his cock hardening more and more. A whine left his mouth due to lack of pleasure because I couldn’t touch him skin to skin.

"Fuck me, screw me over. Tear me apart." Harry moaned airily, now letting go of my wrist to move his hand to my jeans as well, cupping my clothed pussy in his hand. Another button seemed to be switched and lust took over between us, bodies yearning for each other’s touch.

Our eyes met just before he pushed me down, so he could hover above me and removed his shirt before tearing mine in two, the ruined shirt disposed into the corner of our tree house. This left me in my jeans and bra, which only seemed to drive him crazier than he already was from doing this with me. Our locked hands disconnected from each other, only to get rid of our clothes as soon as possible.

"I need you." Harry breathed when my hands took a purchase on his jeans, popping open the button so I could pull them down. Harry’s hands did the exact same thing and pulled down my jeans, pulling my panties along as he did so. I arched my back and he then quickly pulled off my bra, leaving me with nothing on while he was still in his boxers. Before I got the chance, he hastily pulled them down, his hard cock slapping against his stomach.

We panted heavily from roughly undressing each other and took a moment to take in what just happened. Harry’s eyes scanned over my naked body in front of him and I almost thought that his mouth watered. Instead, his cock twitched at the sight of me, eyes darkening. Though, he didn’t even dare to touch me.

"C’mon, Harry. You’ve seen me naked before; we did skinny dipping, showered and slept naked together." I told and almost impatiently waiting for him to lay his hands on me to touch, but he kept sitting there, gaping.

"This is different, [Y/N]. You’re basically naked in front of me, allowing me to touch you." Harry murmured softly, his hand slowly travelling to my thigh to trail his fingers over my skin. His touch left goosebumps all over my body. When I let out a small whine because I got too impatient, his eyes pierced into mine again. My whine seemed to push him over the edge to touch me and shuffled closer, slowly moving his hand to my pussy.

"Touch me." I whispered and sat up, my hand wrapping around his cock as I did so. Harry sucked in a breath at the feeling of a foreign hand around his member, because he was used to his own, and completely moved his hand to my pussy, moving his fingers over it. The arousal made my cunt slick and Harry liked the feeling, according to his finger, which was trying to collect more of those juices by dipping it slightly into my entrance before bringing it to his mouth and sucking on it, cleaning his finger.

"You never allowed me to touch you. Remember when you even made a fuzz about it when I cuddled into your naked body at night? You gave me a black eye because you thought I was touching you. Look at you now, begging for me to touch you. Just like I am begging you." Harry told, and I mentally had to chuckle when that flashback of that night entered my thoughts. He was telling the truth, I never allowed him to touch me in this way, until now. Because I was just fucking horny.

I began to slowly jerk his cock, brushing my thumb over the head to collect pre-cum. I spread it all over the head and began to speed up my movements, stimulating his hard cock as he sat there in front of me, staring at me while his fingers brushed over my drenched pussy. His eyes darkened and darkened until there was nothing more than a dark green colour, which I could almost define as black.

"I want to finger and fuck your pussy so bad." He suddenly told when pleasure began to take over his body and became hornier than he already was in the first place. Harry immediately started rubbing my clit with his fingers, what made my wet cunt only wetter as I sat there in front of me, my legs spread enough for him to touch me.

He pushed two fingers in at once and leaned forward, right after once my walls began to swallow those fingers, just to smash our lips together for a really slow, yet passionate kiss. While he fingered and rubbed my pussy with one hand, he used the other one to cup my head while kissing, which seemed to have more meaning then the kisses before. Something had changed.

”You’re so fucking wet, [Y/N]. Jesus Christ.” Harry mumbled against my lips, while I jerked his cock, just before he slid his tongue back inside my mouth to explore everything he could explore. While we kissed passionately, he began to curl his fingers, searching for that one spot that would get me writhing underneath him. I absolutely loved the feeling of him doing that and began to move my hips back into his hand.

”Yes, baby, fuck my hand. Fuck my fingers.” Harry moaned and I continued to fuck myself onto his fingers while he began to buck his hips into my hand as well, so he could fuck my hand just like I was fucking his. Moans of each other’s names filled the air besides the whistling of birds outside, what only made us hornier. It was just the idea that he only thought about me while doing this and I only thought about him. That made this all more meaningful.

”I want to push my cock into you, [Y/N].” Harry moaned out loud and bit on my bottom lip, holding it between his teeth as he pulled it towards him and then let go. He pulled his fingers out of my dripping wet pussy and sucked them clean, humming at the taste of them. This was going too far for just playing lovers, but I didn’t care. We were both horny as hell and if he wouldn’t make me cum, I would have done it right in front of him myself.

”Then fuck me, baby.” I moaned and continued to jerk his cock until he wrapped me in his arms, and carried me to the couch behind us. Our lips connected again for a long kiss as he slowly and carefully laid me down before he slid between my legs and hovered above me. We swirled our tongues together, the need of getting laid getting bigger and bigger at both sides. Impatience and nerves started to kick in, but it wouldn’t stop us anymore. Harry grabbed his cock and rubbed the head over my clit, rubbing our crotches together. When he slowly slid down to my entrance and was about to push his length inside of me, he spoke up.

”[Y/N], I stopped playing your lover a long while ago.” Harry murmured softly, but made sure that I heard it. My eyes grew wide at what he said and then felt him pushing his cock inside of me, filling me up completely. I gasped at the feeling of his big length between my dripping walls, because it has been a long time since I had sex with someone, but enjoyed the feeling of him buried inside of me.

”Harry, Harry, Harry…” I gasped for air as he started fucking his cock into me, pushing his hips in and out. His cock slid over my drenched walls, deep inside my dripping cunt and pulled back, only to ram himself deeper inside me. Our breathing became unsteady and I began clawing at his back to get him closer to me now that we were doing something so intimate with each other.

”I’m here, baby. I’m here.” Harry hushed and peppered kisses all over my face while lowering himself a bit, so our bodies became closer, even though we were connected in all ways. Then, he fully pressed his lips on top of mine and began to push his tongue inside my mouth to play again, probably liking the feeling of our tongues brushing over each other so gentle and soft. His thrusts, however, were anything but gentle and soft. They were hard, rough and fast, but it was incredible. He fucked everything out of himself; every single emotion, every problem, every thought.

”You fuck me so good.” I moaned against his lips and he grinned, feeling proud to make me feel that way. His cock continued to slam into my pussy with force, tingles shooting through my body as he did so. It felt so good to have something so hard and big to fuck the shit out of me after such a long time, even though it was my best friend. But I guess that we will never be the same again, not after we began to fuck each other. Not after he asked me to be his lover, even if it was just for a few minutes. It escalated between us, but I didn’t mind.

”Your fucking pussy is so good, [Y/N]. I just want to keep carving my dick into it.” Harry moaned and pulled back from our kiss, only to suck on the hickey he had left earlier even more so it would darken. I moaned out his name when his cock hit a certain spot inside of my dripping hole and he smiled, now knowing exactly in which angle he had to fuck the shit out of me.

”Fuck me, [Y/N]. Fuck me.” Harry begged and I complied immediately, rolling our bodies over on the couch. He sat up straight and I straddled him, knees next to his legs on the couch as I lowered myself back onto his cock, feeling him filling up my pussy again. Harry moaned out my name and grabbed onto both of my hands, intertwining fingers before squeezing them hard. I let out a soft moan and began riding his cock, squeezing his hands from time to time while his eyes had the temptations to roll back into their sockets. He did his best to keep looking at me, but when pleasure took over, he couldn’t, and his eyes rolled back anyway.

”[Y/N],” Harry breathed heavily, gasping for oxygen as I kept riding his cock, feeling him buried deep into my pussy once I sunk down on him completely. His hips began to buck into mine to help me riding him, slamming his cock harder into me, balls slapping against my ass.

”Shh,” I hushed but he kept whining out my name, eyes fluttering closed at the feeling that we both created with fucking. To hush him, I began to leave kisses over his jawline and neck, but as a result, it only began to make him moan louder, more often. I smiled at him, even though he didn’t saw it, and leaned my forehead against him while I kept fucking my cunt on his cock. Harry’s eyes fluttered open and stared right into mine, showing me emotions that I had never seen before.

”I love you.” Harry whispered and closed his eyes again, afraid for my reaction while I kept fucking his cock raw, juices running down his balls. Sopping sounds filled the air from the way he kept slamming his cock into my cunt, skin slapping roughly and moans leaving our mouths rather loudly- nobody could hear us anyway. Harry unlocked our hands and used his arms to wrap them around me to pull me close to his chest and dragged his nails from my shoulders down to my lower back. I cried out because it hurt, and I knew that he had left scratch marks, maybe even blood.

While leaving his nails sunken into my skin, he kept holding onto me, crying out my name. I began to leave kisses on his face again while I tightly held on to his shoulders for support as I rode his cock hard, his pelvis brushing over my clit from time to time. His watery eyes opened and showed me shining emerald green ones, desperately seeking for love. To comfort the guy, I pressed my lips back onto his for a long kiss and he happily accepted my touch while he cupped my head and fluttered his eyes closed again, taking in the taste of my lips.

”I love you.” Harry repeated softly while he kissed my lips. Then, he turned me around and made me lay back down on the couch again, while he took control and started slamming his cock hard into my pussy again, balls roughly slapping against my ass. I cried out in pleasure and he grinned, loving the way he could take full control and fuck my brains out so good. His hands grabbed onto my shoulders to hold on, and hovered above me while he fucked his cock into my pussy, pounding my walls.

”Say it back. I want to hear you saying that you love me, too.” Harry growled and began to fuck me harder to make me say what he wanted to hear. I could feel my heart beating louder as soon as I watched his desperate eyes, tingles appearing in my stomach, just like before. My thoughts seemed to be on hold as I watched him like he was everything I could see right now. Everything else vanished around me, it was just him.

I stayed silent, and all I could do was watch him with nothing but amazement blooming in my eyes. It felt like I couldn’t look away, couldn’t see anyone but him. He was right there, begging me for one thing: my love. He wanted it- needed it.

”Say it.” Harry sobbed out of a sudden, tears rolling over his cheeks as he kept pounding his cock into my pussy, fucking me hard yet careful. He had never the intentions to hurt me, not even now that he was burying his cock deep inside my cunt.

I began to think about things while he kept fucking me. I began to see those flashbacks of us cuddling, of us telling each other things that should have been private at times. We gave each other a peck on the lips quite often just to greet and spend almost all our lives together. 13 years we have been together as best friends, now maybe even more. And I never really stood still by the way I felt when he kissed me or cuddled with me. Because I knew that I love him, that I have feelings for him- more than just best friends feelings. Until now, I had been pressing those feelings away.

Because it felt weird.

Now, it turned out that he feels the same.

”Please.” Harry begged but I kept my lips zipped. He bursted out crying and stopped pushing his cock into my dripping pussy, knowing that this all didn’t make any sense if I wouldn’t return the feeling he gave me. Just before he wanted to pull out of me, those three words escaping from my mouth stopped him.

”I love you.” I spoke out loud and clear, so he could understand and hear me perfectly. Harry froze and his eyes watered as he sat there, his bottom lip quivering as he repeated my words to himself. I sat up and wrapped him into my arms, feeling him burying his face into the crook of my neck soon after.

”Come here.” I whispered and he began crying, shoulders shaking while his cock was still buried inside of me, held there while he cried his eyes out. He had finally found what he had been looking for after more than three years. I made a ‘shh’ sound to calm him down while I tried to brush his hair, but never got the chance to because he intertwined both hands with me to hold me.

”Do you really love me, or did you just say that to make me believe you do, so I would stop crying?” Harry mumbled and dried his tears with the back of his hand, connecting our foreheads right after to look into my eyes. I wanted him to see the truth, the sincerity, the honesty. I wanted him to see that I really love him.

”I really love you.” I told and watched how he looked into my eyes for the answer that he needed to know. And then, at once, his eyes began to water with happy tears and a full blown smile appeared on his face, knowing that I spoke the truth to him. I never made an attempt to lie to him.

Once the tears rolled over his round cheeks, I chuckled and wiped them away with my hand that I temporarily unlocked from Harry’s. He smiled when he could feel me brushing his tears away and pressed a small peck on my lips. I grinned and brushed the strands that had fallen in front of his face, away.

”I really love you, too.” Harry spoke with a smile, nuzzling our noses together romantically before he started to buck his hips back into mine, smashing our lips together again for a heated kiss while his cock started pounding my walls just like it did before. Sopping sounds were being heard again and juices ran over his cock and down my thighs, my body never so aroused as this afternoon with him.

"I love you." He whispered again and returned all his attention back to his thrusts, ramming his cock back inside my pussy just like he did before we confessed each other our love. But this time, the fucking turned into something more meaningful. Ever since we told each other we felt more than just friends, it had turned into more passionate fucking between the two of us. Though, his cock pounded as hard into me as before, but there was just more meaning behind it because we only saw each other.

Love made us only see each other. For the rest of the world, we were blind.

”I want to make you cum on top of my cock, [Y/N]. I want you screaming for me.” He moaned while he still rammed his cock mercilessly into my dripping cunt, hips crashing together every single time he thrusted into me. I could feel the knot in my lower stomach tightening, my orgasm slowly nearing as he kept fucking the life out of me like if he wouldn’t, he would have ended up dead.

”Cum for your lover, [Y/N].” Harry growled and screwed his eyes shut for a moment when a wave of pleasure washed over his body, starting from the tip of his cock. My walls started to close in on his length, trapping it in a tight area. Harry, though, liked the feeling of my tightening pussy, and continued to fuck it undisturbed.

”You said you weren’t- you weren’t… my lover anymore.” I gasped and couldn’t properly speak anymore, the pleasure and my orgasm slowly starting to consume me, my feelings and body. In response, he began to buck his hips harder into me to send his cock deeper inside my cunt while he brought his fingers down to rub the life out of my clit. I moaned out his name, while he moaned out mine, completely surrendering to my body, while I did the exact same thing to his.

”I stopped playing your lover. Doesn’t mean that I’m not your lover at all. I’m your real lover now, [Y/N]. We’re real.” Harry said and continued to fuck me hard, so hard that I just needed a few more of his thrusts to come undone on top of his cock. He noticed and rubbed my clit in quick circles while screwing my over and over with his twitching and pulsing cock - on the edge of releasing his semen.

”Cum for me. Let me see how you look like when you cum.” Harry growled and kissed me so hard that it overwhelmed me for a moment. When he pulled back and slammed his cock inside my dripping hole so hard that I could feel him in my stomach, I came on top of his cock with the combination of his fingers rubbing circles on my clit.

"Ha- fuck, Harry!" I screamed and my eyes rolled back completely while I came on top of his cock, not being able to breathe anymore in the time that my orgasm took over my body. I began spasming, my body squirming, quivering and arching in nothing but pure bliss.

"So fucking beautiful." He muttered into my ear before he began to chase his own orgasm, heavily thrusting into me to cum as soon as he could. And that didn’t take him long, because he began to suck in breaths, only to release them quick after to feed himself oxygen to bring him to that edge.

"I’m gonna- yes, I- fuck…" Harry moaned and thrusted harder, faster, his orgasm just a centimetre away from surfacing. Our eyes made contact, and that seemed to be the last push he needed to release. Harry pulled his cock out of my tightened hole and shot his semen all over my stomach, screaming.

”[Y/N]!” He screamed on the top of his lungs, and his eyes rolled back while his semen shot out of the head of his cock, the warm, white seed ending up on my skin. Harry tried to breathe, but he was too busy with being consumed by his orgasm. Once the screaming died down and Harry gasped hastily for air, he collapsed on top of me.

”[Y/N]…” He panted and pushed his cock back inside my pussy once it had stopped releasing semen, burying himself back inside to soften there. I smiled at his venerability and wrapped him into my arms, holding his exhausted body against mine.

There was this silence between us that he used to grab the folded blanket, that we had here for colder days, from the arm rest of the couch and draped it over our intertwined bodies. He then cuddled into me and slid his face into the crook of my neck, placing some last butterfly kisses there while we relaxed from our orgasms.

”Where does this leave us? I think we won’t ever be the same anymore. We won’t be the pair of best friends we are for 13 years anymore, Harry. We have changed after today.” I murmured softly when I couldn’t stand the killing silence anymore and started brushing his hair back, what made him hum some kind of tone.

”I know we won’t ever be the same, and maybe it is time for a change, [Y/N]. We can be real lovers to each other - turn into boy- and girlfriend.” Harry murmured and fluttered his eyes open, green irises staring into my eyes with such a hope in them that it almost began to break my heart. I didn’t want to lose this, him, us. Once we both understand in the future that a relationship isn’t going to work between us anymore, we’ll lose each other. A simple as that.

”Harry, I don’t want to lose you. A break-up is the end of us, and you know it. I don’t want to throw 13 years away.” I told and pressed a few kisses on his head, being as gentle as I could with him. I knew he was venerable and I tried to be as careful as possible so I wouldn’t hurt his feelings in a harsh way.

”God damn it, [Y/N]. Do you want to fucking stay best friends while we both know that we want something more, that we just wanted to fuck each other’s brains out all the time? Is that how you want to continue hanging out?” Harry spoke, clearly upset about me not wanting me to take our friendship to something higher: a real relationship.

”No, but-” I tried to say, but he cut me off.

”We have always been a team, [Y/N]. Why the hell are you not on my side, right now? We’re 17 for God’s sake. We have been together as a team for almost all of our lives. There wasn’t anything in all this time that broke us apart. Why would something do if we are in a relationship?” Harry spoke and panicked, knowing that this all isn’t working out as he had maybe previously thought it would.

”We can make it work, [Y/N]. We’re grown-ups now. We can make us work.” Harry told and pushed himself off me, but kept his cock buried deep inside my wet cunt, not making any attempts to remove himself. He just wanted to make eye contact with me- nothing more and nothing less.

”Are you sure?” I asked, and he nodded, brushing his nose over mine so delicately that I could just feel the warmth of his love spreading over my body like a wave of water.

”Never been so sure of something in my life. So, will you be mine, for real? My girlfriend?” Harry asked softly, his eyes showing me emotions that I had never seen before. Maybe it was just because this had never happened before between us. It was all new, and something to get used to.

”Okay. We’re still a team. I’ll be yours.” I spoke and he smiled so widely, that I asked myself if I had ever seen him smiling so wide before in the time of knowing him. Harry let out a relieved sigh and smashed his lips on top of mine, kissing the life out of them.

”I’ll be yours. God, I can’t believe you’re mine.” Harry smiled and pressed another kiss on my lips before cuddling back into me, finally having something that he had always wanted to have. A love in his life. His arms wrapped tightly around my body to hug me close as he expressed his joyous mood.

”We do have to call our parents though. They might be worried about us already.” I told, and wanted to grab my phone from the pocket of my jeans, but Harry pulled my hand back and intertwined fingers with me so I wouldn’t get the chance to do anything.

”We can do that later. We’re not small kids anymore. I just want to enjoy us, now that we’re all alone, and especially my girl.” He muttered and grinned, feeling sleepy already after our fucking session. I couldn’t say that I didn’t felt the exact same way, though.

”I love you.” He whispered, pressed a kiss on my jawline and cuddled back into me, keeping us warm for the time being here in our old tree house.

”I love you, too.”

Hey guys hope you enjoyed!! Umm like and fav fro more stories like this!! I'll post every day :) these are all harry stories. If you want me to post a book like this except with other band members or something comment below! Thanks for reading :) love you my munchkins!! Byee!! Muah! ;*

-In Love With Harry

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