Forged by Fear


2. Old Wounds

Gregory awakened from his deep sleep, rubbed his irritated nose, and stood up stretching his large arms wobbling into the kitchen for a drink. He turned on faucet, grabbed a chipped glass cup and filled it half way. The cool water helped awaken him slightly, but he was still a bit groggy. He heard the doorbell ring and stumbled across the floor to answer it.

" Mr. Gregory smith? " The man asked as he stood beside the young teenager's slender frame.

"Who's askin'?" Gregory replied with a sharp sneer.

"Derrick Anderson I'm with social services I was told by my wife Melinda, you were given custody of fifteen year old Candice Brooks?"

Small clumps of white powder covered the inner corner of his nostrils as he sniffed slightly he looked at the young girl that he began to take an interest in. Her long dark brown hair covered her shoulders and her small round face that were clearly marked with dimples and faded green eyes. Candice recognized her mother's ex-boyfriend, he was always the one to sneak into her bedroom at night that she wasn't allowed to speak of when she was small otherwise he told her, people will just think she was making it all up.

"Oh.. Yeah that's right she mentioned you were coming, forgive me for not looking so.. Appropriate." he said giving a satisfied smirk as he leaned onto the door frame.

"Are you on drugs sir..?" Derrick asked noticing that white coating around his nose, as well as his red eyes.

"No. I was just making something to eat and the ingredients involved flour.. as for my eyes it's allergies.. Any other questions since you want to play cop and suspect?" Greg replied irritated, he was fed up with getting asked so many questions.

"N-no..Just sign your name on the last line." Derrick said slightly frightened by his tone of voice.

" Give your wife a kiss for me." He mentioned as he finished signing his name, and grabbed Candice by her arm firmly pulling her in and slammed the door in his face. Candice remembered forceful and abrasive Gregory could be and she nearly tripped over the wires that were sprawled across the wooden floor.

"I've missed you Candy" Gregory said eyeing her up and down. He ran his large hand across his jaw line as he examined her closer " How you've grown you look just like that beautiful wicked bitch who gave birth to you.."

" And you still look like sick Fuck!"she replied spitting directly onto the corner of his mouth.

He calmly wiped the spit away, raised his hand to her face,and slapped her as hard as possible loosening her last baby tooth. Candice raised her hand to her hot stabbing flushed red cheek as tears began to fill her eyes.

"So this is the thanks I get for getting you out of foster care?! You know how many papers I had to sign and how many annoying fucks searched my house?! You should count yourself lucky you didn't end up on the street by the time you were 18.. But either way I could still make money from you if you catch my drift." He said smirking as his hand was firmly gripped across her small framed jawline.

Gregory, went back into the living room to continue to snort the chalky white substance as he leaned his head back across the black leather sofa.

"Still a crackhead" she muttered under her breath

" Call the cops" he said with a snicker and snorted in her direction.

" Go to hell" she replied louder trying to think of more hurtful things to say

" Already there babe" He added with a laughter. " While you think of more things to say your room is upstairs I suggest you unpack your going to be here for quite a while and I can't wait for it to be just how it used to be. Oh! should know I boarded up your windows, and your door locks from the outside" he said smiling coldly in her direction. "Have a nice night candy."

Candice, had already began to get a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach as she headed up the steps with her two bags. She really wished she could tell someone about the horrific things he plans to do in the middle of the night. But she knew he was a "pro" at twisting what has been said to his own advantage.

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