Forged by Fear


1. Inspection

Candice's mother was a heavy drug user and passed away from a overdose of heroine when Candice was only six. She can still smell the trash that was laid out in the kitchen, musk of weed, and still remembers the chalk colored substance that was all over the glass table. Not long after Sonia's death, Candice was handed over to social services to find a new home for her. Sonia's boyfriend at the time Gregory was always interested in money and after her death knew her entire life savings was going directly to her daughter.. and he wanted a piece of it. Standing at 6'1 masculine body, tattoos, short bearded stubble, large jawline, and a manipulative personality he could sweet talk his way through anything.

" May I take a look through your home Mr.Smith?" The social worker asked while writing something in her black binder.

"You may." Greg said with a soft nod as he stood near his front door with his hands in his pockets.

The social worker made her way through the living room, inspecting each object making sure no drugs were hidden inside of it. She picked up a small piggy bank and shook it.

"Eighty-six cents" he said with a sinister chuckle twirling the tooth pick to each corner of his smooth lips.

"Pardon?" She had said facing him

"Eighty-six cents that's all that's in there" he said leaning onto the edge of the wall staring at the woman from head to toe.

She gave a soft nervous smile and kept quiet, and continued to examine everything in the houseThe social worker headed upstairs to inspect each bedroom, closets, and bathrooms.

"Well Mr. Gregory you've passed inspection, and I believe this will be a fine place to raise Candice. Just fill out these forms and she's all yours." Her red lips grinned from ear to ear showing her all natural white teeth.

Greg took the papers from her hand purposely sliding his fingers across her smooth Carmel colored hands.

" I bet you can make angels sin with that smile" he said with a one-eyed wink.

"With all due respect Mr.Smith I'm married" she replied raising her left arched eyebrow. Her smile grew stern, but she couldn't lie to herself she did find him attractive. Her legs crossed over one another and as she rubbed her wedding ring softly.

" That so?" He teased as he filled out the last couple of lines.

" Yes, that's so" she said rolling her eyes in a irritated manner but liking the flirtatious comments at the same time.

Greg gripped the pen as he placed it diagonally onto the clipboard and placed it onto coffee table. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

"Anyway, I'm guessing I'll be seeing you tomorrow?"

"'Fraid not.. My co-worker will be dropping Candice off"

Greg had stepped closer into her face and gave a sly smirk as he whispered the words "Who?"

The woman smirked and grabbed her clipboard holding it with one hand across her large breast and placed her free hand on his broad chest and leaned into his ear, he smiled.

"My husband" she said after landing a soft kiss onto his lips.

"Can't wait to meet 'em." he said with a smirk across his lips as he led her out the front door and closed it behind her.

He pulled out an ashtray from underneath the sofa filled with crack cocaine, and placed it onto the coffee table as he prepared to snort it. He held his nose for a few seconds as he laid his head back and rubbed his nostrils.

" The broad ain't as smart as she looks" he said laughing as he wet his lips with his tongue removing her lipstick that had stained them. Soon after snorting his drugs he laid across the couch and sniffed his way to sleep.

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