A Nerd's Diary *Catching Paper*

This is a diary story, It is supposed to be something that people can relate to. This is for The Writing Games *Catching Paper* I am really exited to see if this is the winner.


1. School YAY/NO!

Dear Diary,

Man, today is going to be a rough day. Ya know why? SCHOOL! I love the learning, but kids are always bullying me.

This morning when I got up to my school building... Fear rushed through my face. I hoped for nobody to see. Especially with me carrying my diary around. 

As I walked through the school halls, it felt like everyone was watching me. But likely I found my classroom right away. 

Bye diary, my teacher just asked me to put you away.

Dear Diary,

Oh! You should have been there! All the popular girls started circling me and giving me odd looks. And the teacher didn't even care!

After class, things got worse. The toughest kid in our grade pushed me against my locker. And he said something kind of like this...

"You know kid, this is not the grade you want to be a nerd in." 

I stood speechless.

"Not talking huh?" 

He held a fist near my face.


"Fine! Fine! Please don't punch me!" I screamed.

Everyone was watching me again. I heard the popular girls chant 'Punch Him!' And it made him want to punch me even more.

But, he just walked away angry. I felt good when he didn't punch me. That was the best part of school.

Bye Diary, I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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