Love is real with him

Lisa is a regular teenager that has a simple life but soon that changes when she found out she was an adopted child and her real parents died in a car accident! She thought her life was over till a boy saves her from her misery will he be able to glue her heart back or will he hurt her more??


8. what to do?

Lily: I see my ex standing by the cafe and waiting for me I walk towards him slowly and tell him to state his business " I love you Lily Jenskin" he meant it by saying my last name too but I didn't love him for he hurt me feeling and me feel hate toward my best friend but realizing it now I hated him and felt bad for my best friend getting a crush that's so low. " Lily will yo-" NO! I straight out say it and i meant it every bit I erased his contact in front of him and walked away he grabbed my wrist " PLEASE lily!! Don't leave me!!" I yanked it off his hand and walk faster he grabs my shoulder and full in hugs me " NO lily I love you only!" I push him away and run getting scared he catchs me and pushes me to a wall he puts one hand on my cheek and the other touching my breast " I miss this so long!" I get scared trying to move his hand off my chest and cheek but he grasps on my boob harder which makes me yell louder " HELp!" He leans in till a fist touchs his cheek " WATCH what you do!!" I look over seeing a tall guy with beautiful green eyes he grabs my shoulder and wraps me in his jacket and hugs me right I didn't know what was happening but I felt right at home

Louis: I went to get some coffee for the boys and then saw a man forcing a young girl to kiss him I immediately helped her like a hero I didn't know what to do but she was shaking as hell I wrapped Her in my jacket and hug her trying to make her feel better I feel small arms go around my waist and soft sobs.

Authors note time!!!!

Okay so I know Eleanor and Louis forever and in sorry if you think they are the only couple but I had to spice it up and make it interesting if you liked them as a couple please give it a like and I will write a new chapter soon bye guys love ya!!

Xoxoxo :)

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