Love is real with him

Lisa is a regular teenager that has a simple life but soon that changes when she found out she was an adopted child and her real parents died in a car accident! She thought her life was over till a boy saves her from her misery will he be able to glue her heart back or will he hurt her more??


6. poor Harry

Niall: I saw Harry lying down in a bed with scars all over him tears started flowing down my red cheeks I turned to Liam who seems to know what had happened Liam explained the story how I was with the girl we saw and while you were there these girls came up to Harry and asked him if he wanted to do the one night stand with them he was about to answer till these huge guys starting hitting him for talking to the girls I just found out and went to help Harry but he had fainted and the guys already ran away. Liam looked guilty but i told him it wasent his fault but that

I was just devastated I went to grab my phone to call Paul but instead I had a gold iPhone 5c it was the girls phone. So I went to call my phone and it answered with the most gorgeous voice.

Lisa: the phone starting ringing like crazy so I picked it up worried it was one of his fans or something "hello?" " hi I'm Niall I think you remember me from the club? I think I have your phone and you have mine is that correct?" I panicked for a moment " umm .. Uhh yea.", he said to meet him at a Starbucks to exchange our phones. So I slipped in a jacket with skinny jeans. I slipped out the apartment and jogged to Starbucks

Niall: I saw the girl coming and smiled she looked so cute and funny jogging and couldn't help but smile she came in with my phone and had this amazing smile I was about to give her phone back till I added my number in her contacts I handed back and said "txt me soon" she blushed and jogged quickly as she can I smiled at the name "Lisa"

Okay I know some people don't like authors note and I'm sorry but this will be short okay? Okay! Now thanks for reading this and I'm truly glad that at least some people are,I know this novel can sound too fast or too awkward or the situation is weird but I'm not good at starting but trust me it will get better soon! Thx and don't forget to like if you do like it ... I mean ..... Nvm bye!!!

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