Love is real with him

Lisa is a regular teenager that has a simple life but soon that changes when she found out she was an adopted child and her real parents died in a car accident! She thought her life was over till a boy saves her from her misery will he be able to glue her heart back or will he hurt her more??


9. getting closer

Louis: I let go of her and find a a cute small gorgeous girl in my hands she has light brown hair crystal green eyes like mine and small cute cheeks. She thanks me and walks away I grab her arm and hand her my name,number, and email she is shocked at first but thanks me and gives me her number. " btw my name is lily!;)" she walks away smiling and I just fell in love.

Niall: I was nervous and scared for Harry but I was kinda happy for Lisa but I didn't even txt her so nervously went on my phone and typed in a "hey" then another txt popped up

Niall: hey

Lisa: What's up?

Niall: just wondering what your doing?

Lisa: umm pretty much

Niall: nothing ... Wanna meet up then?

Lisa: sure meet you at Starbucks.

I was never so happy in my life meeting her again and this was my chance to get closer to her I put on some jeans and a Beatles shirt with vans and headed out.

Lisa: since lily got sick and I was bored I just ordered lily some soup and told her I'm leaving after I just put in light makeup and wore shorts with a flower crop top then I slipped in white converses and headed out the door.

Niall: as I found her she smiled and ordered a cotton candy frappe I was outside of Starbucks and in the back she came out looking gorgeous but she looked at me funny " why are you hiding niall?" I guess she didn't know I'm from 1D so I just told her oh nothing just was gonna scare you I walked to my car hearing about a thousand girls calling my name I grabbed Lisa's hand and got in the car driving as fast as I can. She looked worried and happy at the same time.

Lisa: I was worried for Niall but I couldn't help laughing " are you in a boyband Niall? Hahaha let me guess your from that 1 direction band?!" Right?" He smiled and nodded I didn't know I had a friend so famous but I smiled at the thought it's a fresh start anyways. He parked in a huge house and led me to it

Authors note:

Hope you guys like this chapter it may not be exciting but it will be soon sorry if it was too short but I'll do my best to make a longer chapter next thx guys love ya!


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