The Valdez Drabbles

Here's my drabbles on the one and only:LEO VALDEZ!!!


1. Stuff

Ok,so I asked,you approved,and now here it is! My drabbles one the one and only Repair boy with fire powers X,D I'll take requests and stuff just fill this out

•on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love Valdez? (There is a right answer)

•What do you want it to be about?

•if I were to be banned for Zeus knows how long,then would you be mad?

•how romantic do you want it?

•your appearance

•demigod or not

•if so,godly parent?



•anything else?

I highly suggest putting it in a different order,since I made it completely randomly as the questions popped into my brain XP

Bye bye my duckies! Keep feeding mama duck inspiration :•D

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