The Walking Dead; Love After All

Elizabeth Dixon has no idea how life works after the turn. all she knows is how to protect herself. how will she protect other people at a strange place when she only knows 3 people, Daryl her long lost uncle, rick the leader who trust her with anything, and carl who she cant understand her feelings about him.


3. The Prison

We were racing north. At least I think north. He was steering while I had to apply pressure to my gunshot wound.

"Let me off." I said. He looked at me in surprise.

"You cant walk. Just wait were almost there." He said

"I can walk just fine now let me off." He finally stopped and I jumped down. A searing pain shot up my leg as I hit the ground. I started to walk until I realized he wasn't following. "Are you coming or what? This is your camp." I started walking or limping again. He took the lead on Ginger.

"Thank you. For saving me you know." He finally said after moments of silence. I just nodded. "My names Carl by the way. I think i heard that dude call you Elizabeth..?"

"Liz. And that was Tj."

"And Tj's your boyfriend right?" He started to blush.

"No, hes my cousin. Hes always been like a brother to me though. But not in the past couple of weeks. Im always supposed to know what goes on in that camp and hes supposed to run everything by me. I had no idea he had you in the shed." I felt tears behind my eyes. I started to choke them down. I never thought Tj would be this crazy about something so stupid. Almost killing a guy just about his camp.

"What did Tj mean by 'you happened'?"

"Well a couple of weeks before, Tj started acting all weird. I found beer cans hidden in his closet and I mean alot of cans. I told him that he needs to stop or I will put someone else or me in charge. He stopped eventually but he also stopped talking to me. I figured he was mad so I let him have his space. Just yesterday I found out that someones been raping women in our camp. I never thought of Tj until now." We just kept walking in silence. I saw some fences about thirty yards up. And then Carl stopped. I looked up at him and then the fences. "Isn't that your camp?"

"How did you learn how to fight like that? You took down 5 people in a minute. And you ninja kicked Tj."

"Oh you saw me take the guards down. Well my uncle was a war veteran and he used to take me to target practice. I taught myself how to use a knife."

"Didn't your dad teach you anything?"

Just the thought of hearing "your dad" made me want to puke. "I never met my father. My mothers dead. And Tj was all I had left. Im pretty sure I just lost him too" he just sat there for a minute before I started heading toward the fences. Once the trees ended I could finally see what this place was. It was a prison.

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