The School Nerd

This isn't your typical high school story. Get ready to go through the ups and downs with all the characters.

{this may seem very cliché/stereotypical, but get ready for surprising plot twist, drama, and much, much more.}

~updating cover soon!


1. introduction!

Meet the characters~

Ashley's POV Hello everyone! I'm Ashely, the most popular girl at Valley view High school! I'm your typical "white girl". I love Starbucks, tumblr, and Cheerleading! My boyfriend is Josh, the most popular boy in school.

Reagan's POV

Hello, I'm Ashley's Bff! I'm co-captain of the cheerleading squad, and I'm basically Ashley's go to girl. We literally do everything together.

Zayn's POV!

Hello! I'm Zayn, you could call me a normal person, but at school I'm a "nerd". Just because I wear dorky glasses and do my work does not actually mean I'm a nerd....well I it kinda does mean I'm a nerd...I don't have many friends.

I love to read, sing, and write.

Josh's POV

Hey I'm Josh, captain if the football team! And Ashley's boyfriend.

Mr.Rams POV

I'm Mr.Rams, a very, very annoying teacher. (Well at least annoying to Ashley.)


Hello everyone! This is my first movella, I'll update it at 2 likes! Hope you enjoy the characters introduction.

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