What Is Happening?

Hannah was heartbroken by John. She was trying to get over it so badly but she couldn't, until one day she saw her childhood crush and forgot all about that bastered (John). Will she remember her old feelings and make them her new ones? will she fall in love with the right peson


2. What happened to me part 1

  Hannah's POV:

 at night, 

all that i can think about is him, i remembered all the things that we used to do, the games we used to play, songs we used to sing together and i remember this one night that Matt had a sleepover and there was alot of people and i remember us playing truth or dare the it hit me, the hole night.


"hey i know what we can do, lets play truth or dare!" Matt yelled

we got a couple of 'yes' and 'yeah's.

"i want to start" said Sam

"you always do Sam!"i said while laughing, then the hole group exploded from laughter. Sam cleared his throat and said "honey if i dont start who will?" 

"i will" said midou while spinning the bottle. it landed on Luke then directly said "truth" not giving the chance to see any smirking faces.

"ok, mmmmm, whats the secret that non of us knows?"asked midou

"fine, ahh, i-i like ha-hannah, happy?"said Luke nervously looking away from any one's shocked faces. (Luke is the only one in the group who didnt like someone)

"moving on" said Matt breaking the awkward silence. i mouthed a 'thank you' to him and started thinking about Luke and his feelings i sucks when u like or love someone without them loving you back. i got cutt of by Sofia calling my name "Hannah, truth or dare?"

"ahh, ohh, dare" i said a little bit too quikly


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