Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Elizabeth Phillips isn't you average 17 year old girl. She doesn't obsess over the latest trends or the most popular boy band in the world, One Direction. Her life is focused on dance. She's been home schooled all her life, so she could concentrate more on dance. But her 14 year old sister on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She goes to public school, she's social, and she obsesses over One Direction. Elizabeth despises them. But when her sister's idols stummble into her dance studio, everything changes. Despite the fact that Elizabeth can't stand them, Harry has a different perspective. Will Elizabeth's opinion about the boys change? Will she fall for one of them? Or will hate take over her mind? Find out in Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fanfiction).


11. Perfect Night

"So where should we go? The park maybe?" I suggested

"Actually, I already have something planned." Harry stated as we pulled into the guys' flat complex. I nodded and Harry opened the door for me. We started walking behind the building. 

"Where are we going?" I giggled as he grabbed my and led me out back. Out back, there was a picnic layed out with lights hanging around the fence. Just like our first date. 

"This is just like our first date." I smiled looking up at him. 

"I love you." I smiled turning around and pecking him on the lips. 

"I love you too, babe." Harry smiled. We walked over to the picnic and sat down. After eating, we lied down on the blanket, cuddling, and looking at the stars. With my head on his chest and his arms wrapped around me, everything was perfect. 

"I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you." I apologized. 

"What are you talking about babe?" He asked. 

"You know, from the beginning I've so resistant on everything between, but in the end you were right. You are different." I bit my lip looking at him. 

"I don't mind that you weren't into me when we first met. It was kind of sexy to be honest. And that's what made me love you even more." He stated pulling me into a heated kiss. I rolled over onto him, so that I was straddling him. Our lips never lost touch. 

His hands found his way to my bum and mine entangled in his hair. Grinding my hips on his and him kissing down my neck. He found my sweet spot which caused me to moan and him to chuckle. 

"Awe! So you to made up- WOAH!" I heard someone say before Harry and I pulled apart. 

"Mate really?!" Harry shouted at Louis, whom I assumed was the one who interrupted us. I was still straddle Harry and that's when things got awkward. Everyone else walked into the backyard. 

"Well this is awkward." I sighed, sliding off of Harry and onto the blanket. 

"Sorry." El apologized. "I tried to get them to leave you guys alone, but you can only entertain kids for so long." 

I just laughed. 

"Hey!" They all sounded offended. 

"Shit, what time is it?" I asked. 

"11:30 why?" Niall stated. 

"I gotta get home." I sighed. 

"Come on. I gotcha babe." Harry smirked standing up and grabbing my hand. 

"I'll see you guys later." I said waving to everyone else. 

Once Harry drove me home and walked me to my door. It was about 11: 54. 

"Thanks for everything. It was a wonderful night." I bit my lip looking up at him and wrapping my arms around his neck. 

"You know. We still of 6 minutes before my curfew." I smirked biting my lip. 

"Oh, I love you." Harry smiled kissing me passionately. It was perfect, until we were interrupted by my front door opening. 

"Hello." My father smiled at us after Harry and I pulled away. 

"Hello, Mr. Phillips." Harry said shaking my dads hand. 

"Hello dad." I said sarcastically. "Can  you give us a minute?" He rolled his eyes and walked back inside. 

"I should probably go." I giggled.

"Alright." Harry pouted. "I'll see you tomorrow. We start the video." 

"Oh right. Where?" I asked. 

"At the studio, we just going over a few things but the dancers need to be there." He exlained and I nodded. 

"Okay, well bye." I smiled softly. 

"Bye babe. Love you." He said kissing my lips softly. 

"Love you too." I smiled before he walked back to his car and I walked inside and closed the door. I found Catherine standing on the stairs to upstairs. 

"Were you watching us?" I snapped. 

"No, I uh-" She stuttered. 

"I can't believe you?!" I shouted before rushing past her to my room. 

A perfect night ruined by my nosey sister.

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