Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Elizabeth Phillips isn't you average 17 year old girl. She doesn't obsess over the latest trends or the most popular boy band in the world, One Direction. Her life is focused on dance. She's been home schooled all her life, so she could concentrate more on dance. But her 14 year old sister on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She goes to public school, she's social, and she obsesses over One Direction. Elizabeth despises them. But when her sister's idols stummble into her dance studio, everything changes. Despite the fact that Elizabeth can't stand them, Harry has a different perspective. Will Elizabeth's opinion about the boys change? Will she fall for one of them? Or will hate take over her mind? Find out in Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fanfiction).


15. Left

"Great rehearsal today! I'll give you all the weekend off since we got so much done today. See you Monday." The director stated before the whole crew gave us a round of applause.

"So, how'd you like your first music video?" Harry asked wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

"I've done other music videos." I giggled laughing at him.

"Oh, right.."

"But this one by far, is my favorite." I bit my lip looking up at him.

"Come on lovebirds, let's go out for lunch." Louis states while walking by us and parting Harry on his back.

"Let's go." I grabbed my bag then Harry's hand and walked out the door.

He slightly squeezed my hand as we approached the paparazzi. The entire time of pushing pass the cameras and interviewers I was covering my eyes and squinting because of all the flashes.

Finally we made it through the crowd and to the guys vehicle. They had an SUV type car so all of them could fit.

"So where are we going?" I asked sliding into the back seat between Harry and Liam.

"A little cafe down the road. Not a lot of people show up there, so it's easier for staying away from the paps." Niall says and I nod.

"So Harry told us your looking for a flat?" Louis says making conversation.

"Yeah. I don't know where to start though. I just don't know what to do." I sighed and Harry started rubbing my back.

"Don't worry about it. I don't mind having you at my place." He smirked pecking my lips.

Finally we made it to the cafe and ordered our food. Within minutes we received it and started eating. As I was chewing my salad I could see a group of teenage girls looking over at us, mainly me, and laughing. They walked over to our table. 

"Can we get pictures with you guys?" One of the girls asked. She looked like a real bitch to be honest. The guys nodded and all got up. As they took pictures I decided to go to the bathroom. I didn't even have to go but I was just washing up and I really didn't want to get in the middle of there photo session.

"Look what the cat dragged in." That bitchy girl says while walking into the bathroom. I looked up at her in shock. I took a paper towel to dry off my hands. 

"Your just another piece of trash that'll end right back on the street." She teased taking the towel out of my hand and throwing it on the floor. 

"What do you even want? I'm sick and tired of all this shit I'm getting!" I yelled. 

"Well get use to it. Your in for a world of more." She snickered before pLexiting the bathroom. I broke down. I slid my back down the bathroom wall crying.

"Why?! Why?! Why?!" I cried pushing over the trash can causing a loud crash. I rested my head in my hands, sniffling. 

"What happened?" Harry asked rushing into the bathroom. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes shaking my head. 

"What happened?" He whispered. I stood up wiping away the tears in my eyes. 

"I'm sick and tired of all this shit I'm getting!" I shouted. 

"It'll all go away soon." Harry reassured coming closer to try and hug me. 

"No! No!" I screeched. "I shouldn't have to deal with this shit to be with the guy I love! How long is soon, Harry?! Huh? You have no idea how much I care for you and love you, but I can't take this anymore. My own sister turned on me!" 

Harry stayed silent. 

"I'm sorry, I-I need to breathe. I need time." I cried out before pushing past him. Without eve getting my dance bag from the car I pushed past everyone crying. The paps were shouting questions at me but I just started running. 

I didn't know where I was going. All I knew was that I left.

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