Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Elizabeth Phillips isn't you average 17 year old girl. She doesn't obsess over the latest trends or the most popular boy band in the world, One Direction. Her life is focused on dance. She's been home schooled all her life, so she could concentrate more on dance. But her 14 year old sister on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She goes to public school, she's social, and she obsesses over One Direction. Elizabeth despises them. But when her sister's idols stummble into her dance studio, everything changes. Despite the fact that Elizabeth can't stand them, Harry has a different perspective. Will Elizabeth's opinion about the boys change? Will she fall for one of them? Or will hate take over her mind? Find out in Give Me Love (A Harry Styles Fanfiction).


10. Deeply In Love

"I can't believe you told her all of that?!" I yelled in frustration after El told me everything.

"Harry calm down.." Louis started.

"How the hell am I suppose to calm down?! She's probably never going to talk to me again!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry Harry. I can't she really means a lot to you. I just figured she already knew about everything considering it was published." El apologized.

"Elizabeth doesn't read those tabloids. She's not like other girls. And she already has a hard time trusting people. I don't know what I'm going to do?" I sighed running my figures through my hair.

"I have an idea." El stated simply.

Elizabeth's POV:

"Where have you been?! I said to be home by midnight!" My mom stated furiously as I walked through the door.

"I'm sorry. When we started a second movie I just lost track of time. Besides it was a mistake going there tonight." I sighed.

"It's alright just don't let it happen again." My mom smiled softly. "What happened sweetie?"

"I just want to go to bed. I'll see you in the morning." I sighed walking to my room.

*Next Morning*

I woke up to 20 texts from Harry and 5 missed calls from him. In all honesty, I didn't want to talk to home right now so I just ignored them. But I knew I would eventually have too. Instead I trudged downstairs and sat on the couch next to my sister.

"Where were you last night?" Catherine question as she flipped through channels on TV.

"Why do you all of the sudden care where I was?" I snapped.

"Sorry I asked." She rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry I snapped." I sighed. The I noticed she changed the tv channel to One Direction's interview.

"So, Harry. We've seen pictures of you a young lady. Care to tell us who?" The interviewer on tv asked.

"Erm.." Harry started then a smiled formed on his face. "She's lovely. I've only know her for a couple of weeks now but," he paused and all the guys were staring at him.

"I think I'm in love with her." My heart stop for a second, I smiled to myself and bit my lip.

"Whoever that girl is doesn't deserve him! He should be with me." My sister groaned. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Oh please he's like 5 years older than you." I chuckled. My sister was randomly staring out the window.

"Why is Harry Styles walking up our drive way?!" She freaked and ran to the door. I peaked out the window and saw him walking up our front steps with a bouquet of flowers.

"OH MY GOD! Your Harry Styles!" I heard my sister scream. I ran to the door.

"I'm sorry about her." I apologized.

"Catherine can you give us a minute." I looked at her and pleaded.

"Wait, your her! You're his mystery girl!" She freaked

"I'll explain everything to you later okay. Just go to your room." I stated. She rolled her eyes and groaned as she trudged upstairs.

"Hey." I smiled softly at Harry.

"I'm sorry for not telling you everything." He apologized while handing me the flowers.

"Thanks. Come in." I said letting him in and leading him to the living room.

"The reason why I didn't tell you about my past was because I was scared." He paused. "I was scared you wouldn't want anything to do with me after, I was afraid your first impression of me would come true."

"My opinion of you hasn't changed since El told me about your past." I stated looking down at my hands.

"Just tell me one thing. You and Kendall aren't a thing anymore right?" I bit my lip looking up at him.

"No, we aren't. That's because I'm in love with someone else." He smiled at me.

"I know." I giggled.

"You do?" He asked.

"I saw your interview." I paused and smiled at him. "I love you too."

He cupped my cheeks and crashed his lips onto mine. After a few seconds we pulled away and our foreheads rested on on another's.

"We're back!" My dad announced as he and my mom walked through the front door. Harry and I stood quickly as my parents walked into the living room.

"Hello, Harry is it?" My dad states firmly.

"Yes, Sir." Harry smiled at my dad as he shook his hand.

"Why don't you stay for lunch, Harry?" My mom offered.

He looked over at me. Then back at my parents before I could say anything.

"I'd love to." He smiled.

"Okay then. Lunch will be ready in about a half an hour. Why don't you go change Elizabeth." My mom suggested. I looked down and realized I was still in my nike pros and a tank top from when I went to sleep.

"Okay and while I'm gone, don't embarrass me." I pleaded causing Harry and my parents to laugh.

I ran upstairs and found Catherine in my room.

"Tell me everything." She stared me down. I rolled my eyes and shut my door.

"Let me get in the shower then once I'm in you can come into the bathroom and I'll tell you everything." I stated and she nodded. I hopped into the shower and told my sister to come in. I told her everything. From how we met at the dance studio to the weekend I spent at his place and to now and how he chose my to be in their music video.

"Could you hand me my towel?" I asked reaching my arm out from the curtain. Catherine handing me my towel and I wrapped it around my body and and stepped out of my shower.

"So is he a good kisser?" She smirked. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not having this conversation with you." I paused. "But yes!"

"Now can I have some privacy to get dressed." I laughed and led her out of my room. After she left I closed my door and walked into my closet. I pulled on a teal romper and some brown strappy sandals. I left my hair natural and applied a bit of foundations before walking downstairs and out to the patio out back. 

"Hey, what are you guys talking about?" I asked while hugging Harry from behind his neck as he sits with my dad on our patio chairs. 

"Nothing." Harry and my dad smirked while looking at me. I just rolled my eyes and laughed. 

"Lunch will be ready in 5. Elizabeth can you go get your sister?" My mom shouted from the kitchen. 

"I'll be back." I said eyeing them both. I jogged up the stairs and knocked on Catherine's door. 

"I know right! I can't believe it!" I heard my sister squeal on the other side of the door. I slightly opened the door and saw her skyping her best friend, Kylie. 

"So she kept it from you all the time? Have you met him yet?!" Kylie questioned. That's when I barged in. 

"Really Catherine?! I thought I could trust you with this one thing! I didn't want people to know yet for a reason!" I shouted. She shut her laptop. 

"Why would you not want people to know your dating THE Harry Styles!?" She freaked. 

"I'm not like you Catherine! I don't love him because he's famous, I love him because... of evey quality he has." I paused  "Don't you realize how much hate their girlfriends get. I don't think I'm ready for that." 

"I'm sorry Lizzy." She tried to apologize. 

"No.Don't call me Lizzy. I'm done with your shit." I said before walking out. 

"Oh yeah, and dinners ready." I stated flatly. 

Once I was back outside I sat next to Harry. 

"What's wrong?" He asked. 

"Catherine told her friend about us. I don't think I'm ready for the hate, if she tells others." I whispered. 

"I'm here for you every step of the way babe." He whispered back into my ear and kissed my cheek.

Just then my mom and sister walked outsidem with our lunch. After finishing the salad and talking about Harry's career. I finally spoke up to tell my parents about the music video. 

"So, I have some news." I smiled and looked at Harry. 

"When we met, he and his band mates were looking for dancers for their music video. And I was choosen as one." I squealed. 

"Awe, sweetheart! That's amazing!" My mom sounded so proud. 

"Thank you!" I smiled. 

"That's great!" My dad smiled. "Isn't it Catherine?" 

"Yeah." she mumbled. 

"It was lovely to have you for lunch, Harry. You're welcome anytime." My mom smiled as we all stood up. 

"Do you mind if we go out for a while?" I asked. 

"Sure, but I want you back by midnight." My dad stated. Harry and I both nodded. and we all headed inside. 

"I'll meet you outside. I'm gonna go get my purse." I said to Harry as he walked outside. I ran upstairs grabbed my purse and back downstairs. 

"Liz, sweetheart." I heeard my dad say. 

"Yeah." I stated simply. 

"I like Harry. He's good for you." He smiled. "But if he ever hurts you.." 

"Don't worry dad. But thanks for giving him a chance. I'll see you later."  I smiled before walking out the door to meet Harry. 

"You ready?" He asked as he opened the passengers side door for me. 

"Yeap." I said planting a kiss on his lips.

At this very moment, I know I'm deeply in love with Harry Edward Styles. 

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