Little Rose?

"Roses are a beautiful thing you know"


1. Chapter 1


"Who's there?!" I shouted with darkness around me.

"Rose, its time." says the voice again.

"AHHHHH!"Breaking in cold sweat, I sat up quickly. A warm hand touched my hands, I looked to my side and sighed in relief. Raymond, his sincere eyes calmed me, gave my hand a tight squeze then let go.

"That dream again?" He said.

"Yea..Its been happening lately..." I shivered just thinking about it.

I quickly took out my hand and looked away with my face burning. Raymond took out his hand out and scratched his head.

"C'mon let's get ready for school or Ms. Bitch is going to scream at us again. I wait for you outside. Okay?" he said shyly.

I nodded and chuckled thinking how he calls out our foster parent, Ms.Pratt, Ms.Bitch. I mean it did fit her since one time we sneaked cookies upstairs and found out within a second with her hound nose.

I got out of bed and headed toward the restroom. Looking in the mirror, I blushed thinking about Raymond touching my hand. Just thinking about Raymond, man... I'm really glad Raymond has been with me since the beginning. Well, since we are orphans in a the worst foster home in the Ms. Bitch's house.

I threw on my favorite red jacket my mom gave to me on my 13th birthday with my black jeans. Just thinking about my mom, tears form in my eyes. A knock was on my door. I quickly wiped my eyes, grabbed my backpack and opened door. Raymond standing in front of me, waiting.

"Let's go." I said.

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