Half and Half

*Cover by Dystopia*

||DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this novel.||


5. Songs and Drama-Morganna

When we get home I go upstairs and start writing on the song,

All I ever saw was illusions.

They all messed with my head, now I feel like it's you instead.

So hold close, so hold me tight, your the only one.

In this worthless fight,

Why do we do this?

Just to start fighting again,

just hold me tight, I need you!

All these feeling messing with my head,

are your words just an illusions?

La,la,la,la,la,la, oh wo oh oh.

I close the mac and go over to my window seat and grabbed my 3DS from the bottom of the seat. As  I open it up I see I have "Fire Emblem: Awaking" in, I press start and play it. As I get to the final boss fight I get a text from Dani, she's my only friend at school other than Dakeeta...

Did you hear? -Dani


Your sisters boyfriend got caught kissing a chick at the mall!-Dani

Oh my...-Morganna

Where are you? And can I come over?-Dani

Home and sure!-Morganna

I close the 3DS and walk downstairs to the kitchen, I knew Dakeeta's boyfriend was trouble. I go to the cupboard  and grab out poptarts.



Happy B-day-Quinn

Quinn this isn't the best time. Tlk l8ter-Morganna

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