Half and Half

*Cover by Dystopia*

||DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this novel.||


2. My name is Dakeetah

I woke up with charcoal all over my hands. And I was on the couch. I guess I was drawing when I fell asleep. I walked upstairs and put on my new outfit for today. My birthday. I put on a black and floral flowing romper and black toms. I throw my red hair into a messy bun and walk to my dresser. In a simple wooden frame is a picture of me and Morganna, my twin sister. We were at out seventh birthday party. I smiled and noticed something sticking out from behind my pencil case. I pick it up and read the card. 

To: Dakeetah

our lovely daughter. Today is your 16th birthday. We are so sorry we couldn't be there. We love you so much, we miss you.


Mom and Dad


I smiles and wiped away a tear. I missed them too. I opened the box. Inside was a laptop. Not any laptop. A Professional M Series laptop. The best for recording and producing music. I love music. I smile and hug the computer. Awesome! Then I dig in my purse for the gift I bought Morganna. A necklace with a locket in the shape of a heart. In it is a picture of me and her on our first birthday. And on the other side I'm going to put a picture of us from today. I walked to her bedroom and she was asleep. I walked out and I got a call from my best friend. "Hello?"

"happy birthday!" He practically shouted into the phone.

"OMG you remembered!" I yelled back 

"what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't remember your birthday?" He asked.

"aww thank you!" I heard a noise."my sister woke up. Gotta go!"


"bye" I ran and hid behind the table. She was just about to open the fridge when I jumped up and scared her. Birthday or not, I won't give up a chance to scare her.

she takes out a cake she baked, we sing happy birthday at the same time, then each have a slice. "Mm this is really good!" 

"Thanks Dee!" She said.

after we ate, I gave her her present. She smiled when she opened it. I put it on her and she gave me mine. a charm bracelet with a music note charm and a charm that says Dakeetah. I smiled and hugged my sister. we talked and then she went to her room and started writing on this site called movellas. She tried to get me to join, but writing isn't my thing. I prefer music or drawing.

one upside, she helps me write songs. (Note: I know these are already real songs, but for the sake of this book, we are pretending they aren't)

we just finished one together. I hooked up my mic and beats to my new computer and put on record. "This is Cowboy Casanova by Dakeeta and Morganna James." I said as clearly as possible. (In this she sounds just like Carrie underwood). When I finished I called a taxi. Our parents arranged for us tot a me our drivers test today. When the cab got here i yelled for my sister and we left.

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