Half and Half

*Cover by Dystopia*

||DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this novel.||


6. I hate him-Dakeetah

I woke up on Chase's couch. I went to the kitchen and hugged him. 

"Thank you." I whispered

he just smiled and squeezed my shoulder. I can't imagine a better friend. After breakfast, I hot in my car and I had a text from Justin. 

Hey babe- J

dont call me that- D


I'm tired. Call you later-D

After that I deleted his number and drove home. Not very far. When I walked in my sister was sleeping. I walked into my room and started writing a song, but I couldn't focus. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed my keys. After I put some things in my car, I left and wasted my day walking around the mall. When nine-thirty came I got in my car and drove to a bar. Sure enough he was walking in with that blonde. Once I was sure he was gone I got out and walked over to his truck. The music was loud coming from the bar. I dug my key into the side of his 4 wheel drive, then I broke the window and carved a letter "D" into the seat. I walked to my car and pulled out a bat. I swung again and again. I broke the windows and headlights. There was a small possibility we would be able to drive it again, can't drive with slit tires and broken EVERYTHING! After that I drove to Chase's house and threw a pebble at his window. He walked over and opened it. 

"Dakeetah?" He asked

"got time to talk?" I smiled. He walked downstairs and came outside in his PJs. "What's up Red?" He asked while hugging me.  I decided not to tell him what I did.

" Can I stay here tonight?" I pleaded.

"Always." He smiled and walked me inside. I went up to his bedroom and instantly fell asleep on the couch he has in there. In the morning I walked to my car and went for a drive. Then I heard sirens. I pulled to the side and a police officer walked up to me. 

"Is this your car?" He asked

"yes." I said. 

"Were you in it last night around ten?"

I sighed. "Yes."

"I'm afraid you are under arrest for destruction of property." He put the handcuffs around my wrists and I got in the back of the car. 

*at police station*

"Who do we call to come get you?" A lady at a desk asked me.

"umm" I had to think. "Chase Denmore." I said. No less than half an hour later he showed up and they released me.  It was a quiet car ride.

"look, chase" I started.

"Why? Why Dakeetah?" He looked at me

"I don't know! It's hard! You don't understand what it is! You love someone and they break your heart! YOU JUST DONT GET IT!" I started crying and he pulled over and hugged me. 

"Believe me. It happens every day. It's worse when the person you love has no idea what they're doing to you."

I looked up at him. 

"Then she doesn't deserve you." He looked down at me and smiled. 

"Please say you won't tell my sister about this."

"I won't." He kissed my nose and I giggled.

I think I love him.


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