The runaways

''Who are you?'' I asked. He smiled. ''Landon.'' He said. ''Why are you here?'' I asked.
''To be free.'' He said. ''Why are you here?'' He asked me. I looked at the lake. ''To get away from the pressure.'' I said.

I never thought the one boy that use to taunt me when I was little would end up being my only ticket to freedom. But as I look at him beside me, I have a feeling that of won't be easy.


1. Chapter one.

I looked at my ex bestfriend laughing with the one people she use to hate. ''Hey Eve.'' I heard a voice say. I looked at my ex boyfriend, Keagan, in disgust. ''Why are you here?'' I asked. ''I wanted to apologize to you and ask you to take me back.'' He said. I looked at the boy with blond hair and bright blue eyes. ''What makes you think that he will let you date me again?'' I asked. 

''Well I think that he shouldn't be in this conversation because this is your life and your decision.'' Keagan said.I leaned in and whispered in his ear, ''Did you think of me that night?'' I leaned back and looked at him.He put his head down and said, '' No.'' I stood up and pushed his shoulder. ''When you can be a man and own up to your actions then you can come talk to me.'' I said and left the cafeteria. When the day was over I went to my house and saw my dad with a suitcase.

''Hey dad, where you going.'' I asked. He looked at me and smiled, '' I have to go on a business trip to Seattle, I will be back before you and your mother start world war eight.'' He said and I laughed. ''Okay, but don't forget that we made plans.'' I said. He smiled. ''Universal?'' He said. I smiled back. ''Universal.'' I said and hugged him. ''I'll see you when I get back.'' He said. I wanted to tell him, that I won't be here. When he left I went to my room and looked at coco.

She was a small dog, I got her when I was fifteen. She is white and brown. I was packing my bags when I stumbled upon a picture of me and Annalise before she left me. I was hit with a memory of my mom and the fight we had last month.

''How could you lose someone so nice?!'' My mother yelled. ''Amy, don't blame her for the fact that her friend would rather wear short skirts and cop tops then hang out with a true friend.''my dad said. ''Why couldn't you end up like your brother.'' She said. He use to take up for me when dad wasn't there to. He is in college, first year. ''Am I a disgrace to you mom?''I whispered. She seemed taken back. ''Is that why I have to marry a guy I don't love?''I said. She slapped me. ''Go to your room.'' She said lowly.

I was pulled out of my memory and put on a pair of shorts and a thin white shirt that had a bow on the back. I went downstairs with my bag and put on my ankle boots. I walked out side of the house and looked at the house across from me. I woun't be marrying him any time soon. I walked to the park, I might as well enjoy myself while I disappear from the earth.

I nodded at the kids that were in my school Keagan walked up to me while I went toward the forest. ''I want to tell you that when that happened that night I was to drunk to understand things and if you want to think about it you can.'' He said. I looked at him for a nanosecond. ''I don't forgive you, if you could get Annalise to apologize to me then I will forgive you and not her.'' I said and rushed toward the forest. ''I promise.'' He whispered.

I was almost to the bridge when I was suddenly cornered by Nixon, the guy I'm suppose to marry. ''Hey babe.'' He said putting his hands on my hips. ''Why don't you give me that honeymoon gift early?'' He asked and leaned in. I kick him where the sun don't shine and ran. I am a good runner so I out ran him, plus I got a headstart. When I got to the bridge I put my hands on my knees and tried to breath slowly. ''Are you okay?''I heard a voice ask. I looked up.

Thats, where my adventure began.

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