He walks out of the house. "What the fuc-"He starts yelling and then sees me. He starts acting like nothing changed, like my life was in danger this whole time and he finally found me.
A few minutes later I'm done listening to his shit.
"Ha, thanks for showing concern BIG BROTHER," I laugh sarcastically, walking up the porch steps and into the house, leaving him standing there awkwardly.
I slam the door shut and wipe away a tear threatening to escape...


7. Chapter 7


How does he know? When did he find out? Oh no.

I break down in front of him and he doesn't yell at me or isn't upset with me. He just keeps comforting me. And it breaks my heart when I see my engagement ring hanging from his chain and that he still wears his.

I pull myself together enough to get up and head to Eleanor's room. "Hey El?" I ask, tapping on the door.

"Just a sec!" She chimes.

The door opens after a minute to reveal Louis pulling on a shirt as well as Eleanor strapping on her bra. "Do you have a pair of leggings that I can borrow?" I ask her.

"Sure," She grins at me, walking over and grabbing herself a shirt as well as a pair of black leggings for me.

"Thanks," I smile at her.

Louis leaves the room and I change my pants, being sure that Eleanor doesn't see my upper thighs and waist. "Can you help cover for me?" I question her.

"Sure, but what do you need?" She asks.

"Just for you to come outside with me for a few minutes," I shrug.

"Sure?" She says confused.

We get downstairs and I grab Zayn's lighter out of his jacket that is hanging up. "Babe I'm going to talk with El," I change my story as I see Harry talking in the living room with Zayn. By the way that they are looking at me, they are both talking about me - which means that Zayn knows.

"Okay love," He smiles warmly at me and a pang of guilt courses through me. I nod and start walking to the back porch with Eleanor.

"So if the cover is we're talking then what's actually happening?" She asks curiously. I pull out my pack of cigarettes.

"Let's just say that when I left I picked up a habit and Harry doesn't know about it," I sigh, lighting the bogie.

"So you don't Harry to know that you smoke?" She questions. I nod.

"He's your fiance. He's going to find out," She points out.

"Well that won't be today," I shake my head, breathing out the intoxicated air.

"You should quit. Smoking is bad," She says in a friendly way. I laugh.

"There's a lot of things I should quit doing," I say still laughing.

"Well, whatever your decision I'm here for you," She smiles. I take a good look at  her.

"Thanks El," I reply.

"Maybe we can go shopping later," She suggests.

"Or just go to where I actually live and grab clothes," I reply.

"Right...I forgot that you're kind of here on your own free will," She says awkwardly.

"I don't even want to know who is here by force," I shake my head, putting the cigarette out. We head back inside and Eleanor gives me a piece of mint gum. I chew it a few times and then throw it out. I thank her and then head into the living room.

In the living room, there is an couch where one section juts out like a recliner, a recliner, and an L shaped couch. There's also a huge flatscreen television mounted on the wall and the latest game system connected to it.

I find Harry on the first couch where it juts out like a recliner. He's sitting normally so I walk over and just sit on his lap. Instantly his arms wrap around me and I snuggle into his warmth. But then Zayn sits down next to us.

He offers me a plate filled with bacon and eggs. "No thanks," I say.

"Babe you need to eat," Harry takes the plate.

"I don't want it right now," I reply.

"Please?" He asks.

"I said not right now Harry," I snap, moving to sit beside him instead of on him.

"Babe don't be like that," He pulls me back on his lap. Zayn pulls a plastic bag onto his lap and from the bag he grabs white gauze.

"Arm please," Zayn says. I just look at him. "London," He says calmly.

"Go to hell," I reply.

"London," He says again.

"Baby listen to Zayn," Harry rubs my arm.

"No," I snap, getting up.

"Maybe we should use th-"Zayn starts.

"No," Harry snaps at him. Then he turns to me. "Come here," He holds out his arms to me. I look at him cautiously and then at Zayn. I shake my head.

"Harry," Zayn sighs.

"Fine," Harry snaps. I look between them and then Zayn walks out of the room.

"What's your plan? You can't fix me," I laugh. "Just let me leave. You know what, I'm out of here," I shake my head, starting to walk out.

Arms wrap around me tightly. "Relax babe." Harry starts walking backwards, sitting down. I try to fight him, but his grip is firm. Zayn comes in with a needle and Harry holds me down as Zayn injects me with something.

Everything fades to black...


When I wake up I am surrounded by warmth. I cuddle into it and then I realize it's Harry. I open my eyes and snuggle up to him. His arms tighten around me. I look around and see everyone watching The Lion King. Then I remember that Zayn injected me with something while Harry held me.

I look at Harry with an aucusatory stare. He looks down at me worriedly. "It's okay. We did it to help you. Please don't be mad," He says quietly.

I turn my head to the side to see my feet resting in Zayn's lap. Immediately I move them away from him and stand up, walking out of the living room. Harry follows me out. "What the fuck?" i practically yell.

"You wouldn't let him bandage you," He replies calmly.

"And you did!" I yell, completely enraged. "After everything you find out and you trust Zayn to touch me?" I bark at him.

Harry walks right up to me and grabs my hips. "I wouldn't let him move a hair on your head if I thought he was doing for the wrong reasons. But look babe - now your wrists are bandaged. Now we can help you," He smiles at me.

I turn away from him. "You drugged me," I accuse.

"I'm sorry, I was just trying to do what's best for you. Baby girl I can't lose you," His voice sounds pained.

"If you ever drug me again you're dead," I demand.

"Okay," He pulls my hips against his. "Can I kiss you now?" He breathes, his lips practically brushing mine as he speaks. I nod and his lips touch mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and he rests his hand on my waist.

He pulls back and rests his forehead against mine. "I love you," He says.

"I love you too," A tear escapes my eye. He grins and wipes away my tear.

"Now come on. Let's go watch movies," He holds out his hand. I take it and we walk back into the living room. We lay with our legs entangled facing each other during the films. I just cuddle in his warmth and go back to sleep, but Harry watches the movie.


"Do you think she'll freak?" I hear someone whisper.

"She's not going to be happy. That's for sure," Another person whispers. I shift in Harry's arms and look up at the curly haired boy. "Babe, I have something else that I think will help you. Are you up for it?" He asks me gently. I shake my head. "That's the spirit," He laughs, sitting up and pulling me with him.

I turn to see Zayn sitting on the couch along with a man wearing a lng white coat with a stethescope around his neck - a doctor. I look at Harry warily and he nods encouragingly.

"Hello my name is Doctor Smith. Your name is London right?" He asks. I nod, squeezing the shit out of Harry's hand. I lean back into Harry's arms. "I'm just going to check you out okay? Nothing too bad," He smiles at me.

He starts checking my heartbeat and then my blood pressure. I bury my head in Harry's chest when he looks at my right arm and takes off the white gauze. "A few of these are going to need stitches. They are still open and can otherwise get infected," He says. Harry's arms tighten around me.

"We can do it in the kitchen. There's better lighting," Harry offers and I bite Harry's chest. "Ow London," He complains, picking me up and carrying me to the kitchen. He sits me on the counter and stands between my legs.

"I hate you," I say simply.

"Oh so I'll just leave then," He starts backing up a little.

"Don't you dare," I lock my legs around his back.

"Relax babe. I'm right here baby girl," He puts his hands on my legs. The doctor stitches up the bad cuts on my arm and re-wraps my arm in fresh gauze.

"London I'm prescribing you anti-depressants and pain medication. You need to eat healthy food to get your blood pressure back up because it's low. Also not too much running around yeah?" The doctor smiles at me. "And I want you to see Dr.Ryan. She's a therapist who can help you,"

"I'm not going to therapy but thanks," I hop off of the counter.

"Why don't we take some time to think about it," Harry suggests.

"Harry I put up with this. I'm NOT going to therapy," I repeat. "Now please go wait for me in the living room," I ask politely.

"And leave you alone in a room of knives? No," He says.

"You aren't leaving me alone. I'm with Zayn," I gesture to Zayn. Zayn looks surprised.

"What is going on that you don't want specifically me to know about?" He sasses me, putting a hand on his hip.

"Please babe," I ask. He sighs and starts walking back to the living room.

I go outside and light a cigarette, Zayn sitting next to me. "That did-"Zayn starts.

"You soooo aren't even allowed to talk to me right now. Just shut up," I stop him. He sits silently as I smoke my cigarette. "I realize that you did what you did, because your twisted mind thought it'd be a good idea in order to quote on quote help me. But drugging your sister isn't exactly the way you want to prove to her that you deserve to be in her life. Do it again and I'm gone," I threaten. He nods and pulls me into a hug. I let it last for a minute. "Alright now let go. And Zayn I'm going out to get clothes with Eleanor later," I inform him.

"No," He shakes his head.

"I wasn't asking you," I respond getting up and walking inside again. I steal a sip of Louis' coffee and head back into the living room, sitting with Harry on the couch again.

We watch The Little Mermaid and then Toy Story with all of the boys and then Harry gets up to go make a call to someone. "Boys can I see you in my office?" Zayn asks, getting up as well.

With just about everyone gone, Eleanor and I are left sitting on the couch. "Antidepressants huh?" She asks. I sigh.

"You heard?" I question. She nods.

"It's okay. I went through that. You'll get through it," She smiles at me. "Do you want to go get your clothes now?" She asks.

"Sure," I reply with a smile, grabbing my mobile and my pack of cigarettes.

Unfortunetly Harry is on the front porch. "I'll come with you guys," He says cheerfully.

 "Oh, no need," I tell him.

"London I'm coming," He replies. I sigh.

"Well I have to let Zayn know we're going. I'll meet you in the car," I say. I walk to the house next door and silently walk inside, lighting the cigarette and taking a few quick drags. That's when I hear Zayn telling the boys what happened with me.

"Can you not share my business with everyone?" I screech.

"London the-"He starts.

"Save it. Great secret keeper you are. I remember THAT perfectly," I laugh dryly and head out of the house.

I stalk to the car and slam the car door. "What's wrong?" Harry asks me. I just shake my head and give Eleanor directions to my apartment.

I call Emily. "Hey you home?" I ask.

"Yeah what's up?" She questions.

"I'll be up in a second can you let me in?" I inquire.

"Sure thing," She replies.

We all head up because Harry insisted on seeing where I lived without him. "Who's this?" Emily asks cheerfully.

"This is my friend Eleanor and uh," I stop. Harry glares at me. "I never told her about you," I scratch the back of my head.

"I'm her fiance, Harry," Harry holds out her hand.

"Fiance? You told me about a controlling brother, but no fiance!" Emily exclaims.

"Too hard," I mouth as Harry looks at the posters in the living room while I go pack a bag.

"Fiance?!" She whisper exclaims in my room with me.

"When I left my brother I left him. It was a hard choice okay?" I reply, shoving things in my bag. I close my bedroom door and light the cigarette I lit before, trying to finish it. "Hiding this from him," I whisper.

"Hiding what? London what's going on in there?" Harry bangs on the door.

"Relax Harry," I stomp it out with wide eyes, throwing it in the trash. I zip up my bag and open the door, pulling Harry's arm so he doesn't get a chance to smell the smoke. I go to the fridge and get my two day old coffee, taking a huge sip so my breath smells like coffee instead of smoke.

He grabs my arms and rolls up my sleeves to make sure I wasn't cutting. "I said relax," I snap my arms away from him. "Let's go," I sigh. I hug Emily and promise her I'll give her a call tomorrow.

Eleanor stops at Dunkin' Donuts on the way back and I get a fresh coffee, still upset with Harry. "Get something to eat," He says quietly. I get a small wake up wrap and eat half of it.

When we get back Zayn goes crazy. "I said no!" He yells.

"And I told you that I wasn't asking!" I yell back.

"You took her?" Zayn backs Eleanor against the wall. I tap Zayn's shoulder. He turns around and I swing for his face. He snaps out of his anger trance, rubbing his face.

"I asked her too if you have a problem talk to me now get the fuck out of her face," I tell him in an even voice.

He storms out of the room and I storm upstairs, knowing Harry is following me. I stop, just standing in the middle of Harry's room. He wraps his arms around my waist, putting his head down on my shoulder.

He pushes the sweatshirt and my shirt off of my shoulder before placing his lips there. I shiver with delight. "I love you," He whispers.

"I love you too," I reply quietly, pulling away from him and laying down on the bed.

"Bedtime?" He asks. I nod, patting the space beside me. He walks over and pulls me right up against his warm body. "Goodnight baby girl," He speaks in my ear.

"Goodnight," I reply quietly.

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