A fan fiction of twilight!!!!

A girl named facility myars is a new student at forks high school. She met Bella on the first day she came


1. chapter 1

Facility's pov

" so anything new?" My uncle asked, a small smile played on his lips. I just got off the plane from Palm Springs Florida. After staying there for the past 7 years I decided I needed to return here.

" no, not much. Just regular summer stuff." I mutter, resting my head against the glass. My voice cracked slightly from tiredness.

He chuckled " be Careful not to fall asleep. We have to visit the blacks." He said, focusing on the road ahead of him.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion " the blacks?" I asked, confusion in my voice.

He smiled. " Just a family who father is my best friend." He muttered, pulling into a dirt road. I nodded and smiled unbuckling and rolling town the sub roof and u stood up poking my head out.

I heard my uncle chuckle as I did do. I smiled gently and barrier my eyes,seeing a house near the forest. As we got closer I saw a boy fixing a motorcycle in the front.

We parked and I sat down opening my door. I stepped out and shivered, the cold wind piercing my cheeks. " hey Jacob where's bill!" My uncle, john, asked the long haired boy fixing he bike.

" he's inside watching the game." The boy, apparently named Jacob, said, smiling.

I gulped slightly and say on top of johns car, glancing at Jacob every so often. He was tan with long brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes.

" hey." I heard a voice say to me. I looked to see the long haired boy smiling at me.

" um hey." I replied, giving him a friendly smile. His eyes had a kind look to them.

" I'm Jacob but you can call me jake." He said looking down at me. I slipped off the car and smiled sheepishly.

" I'm facility. Facility cry." I said professionally and I smiled.

He laughed " nice name." He said, grinning at me.

I titled my head. Was he making fun of my name or was he actually complementing me? I shrugged it off and smiled " thanks." I said, looking at the motorcycle behind him.

He turned and looked at me " you like bikes?" He asked, raising his eyebrow.

I nodded " my dad tought me all about them before he died." I said, admiring the bike.

He smiled " then you can help me with my other bike. Come on!" He said nodding towards a garage. I nodded and followed him into the garage. He grabbed a red motorcycle that was rusty and had a couple of stickers on on the sides. It looked like it hasn't been ridden in about 8 years.

" this one really needs fixing." He told me, smiling nervously.

I smiled " ok I'll check it out." I said and leaked over and knelt down. " awe ok..." I muttered seeing the tank was messed up and the pipe was Twisted ever so slightly. " can you in give me a air of pliers?" I asked and he handed it to me. I huffed and sighed. This is going to be messy.

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