Im zayn's sister?!

15 year old holly finds that her whole life was a lie. Her real name is Malik yes she is the sister of Zayn Malik. Read to find out how theirs lives turn around!


7. school starting

//Holly's P.O.V//

I wake up screaming from a horrible nightmare! I dreamt I was the Zayn malik's sister.

//Zayn's P.O.V//

I wake up to holly screaming. I run in her room to see what's happing. "Holly what's...are you....tell me....need anything?!" I kept stumbling over my words. I look at her and she starts crying I go over there to support her.

//Holly's P.O.V//

I hear someone running in my room and stumbles over their words and I look up to see who it is and I start crying. "it wasn't a dream it real!" He wraps his arms around me as I cry. I look over at the clock and see that it's 4:50am! School starts today!

//zayns P.O.V//

I wrap my arms around her as she cries. She looks at the clock and jumps up she goes to the bathroom and takes a shower.

/25 minuets later/

//Holly's P.O.V//

I take a shower and gets dressed in my uniform with converse and but make-up then put my hair ponytail. I grab my backpack and head down stairs to get some breakfast. When I reach the kitchen I see the boys staring at me. "Umm hello why are you staring?!"

"Why are you dressed like that?" Louis and Harry said at the same time.

"I'm going to school duh!,I'll be home around 3:30, bye!"

"I'll drive you to school." Zayn said while grabbing his coat.

I smiled"thanks for the offer but jax and luke is picking me up!"

All of there faces dropped"you mean jax hemming?"

"Ya jax is my best friend and his little brother is tagging along!" I walked outside and jax's car pulled up.

"Hey babe!" Acting all cool, like usual.

"Hey jaxxy! Are you ready?"

"Ya come on in!"

*skip the car ride*

"Thanks for the ride Jaxxy!" I smile and give him a peck on the cheek.

"No prob pick you up at 3:00?" He smirked.

"How else am I getting the hell home?!" I walked into school with Luke on my right.


As I make my way to lunch I feel Luke put his arm around me"Luke remember we are NOT dating!"

"I know but you look so good in that uniform!" He smirks and puts his hands around my waist.

//after school//

Luke and I walk out of school when I see Zayn.


"Picking you up. Duh!" He smirks.

"Jax is picking me up!" I whine.

"I don't want you around jax!" He grabs my wrist a drags me to the car.

"He might of had a bad past but he won't hurt me and how I know because we been best friend since I was in kindergarten!" I raised my voice louder than it should be.

"He's bad news holly and I don't want to see you get hurt! Now get in the car!" I get in the car and we drive away.

*calls Jax*

H- hey jax you don't need to pick me up my brother picked me up."

J- I didn't know he was picking you up and are we still going on Friday?

H- me neither and ya were going Friday! Bye jaxxy!

J-ok bye babe.

*gets home*

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