Im zayn's sister?!

15 year old holly finds that her whole life was a lie. Her real name is Malik yes she is the sister of Zayn Malik. Read to find out how theirs lives turn around!


8. punishments

Right as I walk in the house everyone started yelling about Jax not being any good for me. I started to cry and ran in my room and locked the door, and the only thing I could do is smash my mirrors I packed my bags and jumped out my window. There was a tree there so I could climb down it. I called Jax so he can pick me up and stay at his house and of course he said yes.

//5 minuets later//

Jax came and helped my load my stuff into the car. We were heading to our fort we found when I was 5 and he was 10. Our plan was he was going to pick me up at the back of school so no one sees me and he was going to buy me the things I needed like food drinks shampoo and all that.

"Thank you Jax for doing all of this for me." I started thinking about what they will do if they found me and I guess Jax saw that look in my eye.

"No problem, and you'll be safe here no one but us knows about this place." He gave me a small smile.


I wake up to Jax pulling in. "Morin beautiful!" He gave me a peck on the cheeks.

"Morning!" And with that I got dressed an ready for school. "Jax what if school turns me in to them? I don't want to go back I want to stay here?!" I started to panic.

"It's ok they won't just clam down and act normal luke will help you." He gave me a hug "let's go."

/at school/

Ok we have arrived just act normal no one will turn you in. I keep telling myself that while I smile and make small talk. The bell just rung I have to go to class.

/second period/

Intercom-"holly Malik please come to the principles office thank you!"

I nervously make my way to the office. "Um you called me up here?" I walk to the seats and see five boys sitting there. I was scared shocked and flipping out at the same time.

"Yes we just been informed you ran away and we want you to be excused for the rest of the day, to settle somethings out." I nod weakly.

"I understand." The boys sign me out and we walk to the car.


"I...I.." I paused and thought"I don't know" I look down at my shoes.

"Your in big trouble missy!" I started to sob.

Niall wanted to comfort me but he knew he had to be mad. I brought my knees to my chest and cried even harder.

/10 minuets of awkward silence beside me crying/

We made it home I went to my room and lock my door. The boys started to yell at me but I ignored them and blasted my music.

I went to bed without food. Since the boys didn't trust me they child proof my window, had someone outside my door and had cameras everywhere and had tracking devices on me. They took my phone and lap top. I couldn't go outside expect school but they had bodyguards outside waiting for me. I couldn't watch telly and I barley went out of my room and Jax returned my stuff from the fort.

/3 weeks later/

I have snuck food into my room so I wouldn't starve. I went downstairs to look for a banana when Liam caught me and brought me to the rest of the boys. "We can't trust you anymore holly and we don't like that, so for right now your allowed to go outside but you have to sleep with one of us so we can watch you." Zayn looked sad but anger flashed in his eyes.

"I thought you said you would start trusting me and now you want me to sleep with the guys, what next I'm going to be tested if I'm going to shag them?! What's so wrong with sleeping with myself?!" My blood started to boil and my voice is raising my the second.

"No I'm not testing you and seeing if you'll shag one of the boys it's one of my rules THAT YOU CANT SEEM TO FOLLOW!" I jumped back.

"ITS YOUR FAULT THAT I RAN AWAY IF YOU ACCULY GET TO KNOW JAX HE ISNT BAD AND I NEVER BROKE ANY OF YOU FUCKING STUPID RULES!" I turn to walk out but they grabbed me."LET ME GO I HATE YOU ALL I WANT TO GO BACK TO AMERICA! I SAID LET ME FUCKING GO!" I started to have a brake down they tried to comfort me but it didn't help.

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