The Life of A Bully Victim

Ashley is bullied in her new high school. She barely has any friends except for her best friend ,
Riley who cannot stand bullies at all. Ashley tried to commit suicide. Will she ever stand up to bullies and show a good example or will she always be bullied like that. Read is the magic word to find out what happens to Ashley.


2. Saturday

Today was Saturday which meant no school today. My mom along with Riley and I decided to go to the coffee shop. We sat down of a while before the hags from the hell showed up Pov and her showed up. They came up to my table when my mom went to the bathroom and spilled coffee on my dress and pretended no to notice. Hey Riley yelled and Pov was like oops didn't, see. She giggled and sat across as. You know something I hate those hags from the hell said Riley. The reason we named them that because when they smile a small wrinkle appears at the bottom their eyes. I had to go to the bathroom and wash the stain. Ashley what happened to your dress ? My mom asked. um I spilled coffee on my self by mistake. Honey are you trying to hide something? Lately you have been acting really weird. No mom I said looking away. Mrs Jackson can we go for a walk. "Oh yes you may dear" said my mom. I was so relieved that I didn't have one if those awkward conversations with my mom again. Jeez you mom is so worried Riley said once we left her. She acting like a mother I said. At that moment I regretted remembering Riley didn't live with her parents but with the foster ones. Let's go to the mall she said changing the subject. I seriously disliked shopping and stuff I liked to remain simple. But for her sake I said "yes". After a while at the mall Riley bought shopped a lot but I couldn't because I couldn't find something I like. Ah Ashley  how comes you didn't buy anything she asked looking disappointed. It' s okay I buy stuff when I feel like I lied. How about we have dinner at a restaurant I asked. Okay she said enthusiastically.




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