The Life of A Bully Victim

Ashley is bullied in her new high school. She barely has any friends except for her best friend ,
Riley who cannot stand bullies at all. Ashley tried to commit suicide. Will she ever stand up to bullies and show a good example or will she always be bullied like that. Read is the magic word to find out what happens to Ashley.


1. OH School

I was opening my locker when Pov came up to me and said look who's here "the nerdy girl".she dropped my books in the floor and walked away with Sammy her best friend laughing. Dude you know nobody can stand against Pov and her friends they are like the most popular or they think they are she sighed heavily when she saw the mood I was and stopped that conversation. Ashley tell me what's the problem did you fail math test s that why you are mad Riley asked. First yes i got 42/50 and second my mom and dad are getting divorced leaving me to choose I should go with. I totally can't live without my mom and as for my dad he is sweetest i can't leave him either. I'm just confused I started sobbing. It's okay Riley said patting my back but for I know what can cheer you up!!!!!!!!! she said with enthusiasm. After school we can go have ice cream together  and watch movies together while I come sleep over to your house tonight. Okay i said lamely although the idea cheered me up totally. I went to my fifth hour class which was science I had it with Sammy which was good since the others weren't with her she couldn't do anything than gossiping about me that i am a teacher's pet  and calling me a freak which i pretty much really ignored. Ashley are you distracted Mrs Michelle said raising a brow at me. No not at all Mrs i said quickly hesitating. Is that so now tell me who was the one that that came out with seven types of classification she asked me.   Carl Linnaeus I answered good Mrs Jackson she said walking past me to her desk. She glared up to the ones that were giggling including Sammy and Thea who used to be my best friend at middle school and now acts to cool for me and gave them a really mean look and that made them stop it. Finally It was my sixth hour which I had computers. I thought computers were really easy since Mr Conner was really nice everybody in the whole school felt really comfortable in his class. When the class was over I head home and straightly when to my bedroom when I said Hi to mom and threw my self at bed which felt so good after a rough day seriously. I changed my clothes wore my pajamas went down stairs where Riley was picking movies for us. We turned on the TV and watched The Parent Trap which had such a good ending while we ate our Ice cream. It was really late in the night and we went to sleep at my room, It was such a good sleepover i thought.

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