Society Changed Us

We know Justin. He's adorable and sexy as hell. He's super caring and he's mine. Who am i? Well I'm a Victoria Secret's Model and I'm Miranda. Its quite weird actually. They were letting 16 year old girls audition, so i did. And here i am. Here's the thing about the fame and society. It changes you once it gets you. We used to be crazily in loved teenagers, America's sweethearts. But now.. he's 19 and i'm 18. Society changed us both and there's no one here to help me. Why would i need help? Read to find out.


1. <<//*~Prologue~*//>>


~Yeah, this was us. Not anymore though. We were the power couple. America's sweethearts too. We were a forever. But where's that forever? Did it just disappear?

**It all started when the Victoria Secret's Model's director decided to hold a audition for 16 year old and up, so I practically begged my mom on the knees. She wasn't so hot thinking of showing my body half naked to the world but I always been wanting to be a model so she gave in. They picked me and it just seem like life was amazing. After like a couple months, the amazing Justin Bieber came to sing his song on one of our lets just say show. And it was love at first sight. He was 17. I was so nervous when it was my turn I almost tripped yeah and he saw, so embarrassing and actually caught me and I kissed him on the cheek, blushed and finish my turn. After the show, I went to my dressing room to change then I heard some voices but whatever, I already locked the door. "Miranda?" I heard a familiar voice said and turned around, omg, I put on my shirt quickly to turn again to see Justin standing there with his mouth and eyes wide open . "You don't know how to knock?" I smirked. "y-y-eaah I do. I'm so sorry Miranda!" he apologized quickly. I just laughed it off. "its fine Justin. but what did you want?" i smiled. "ohh ye-aah, that. Would you wanna go to the movies with me?" he asked looking down. " i smirked and said, "no Justin, i'm busy. sorry" i pouted. He looked so disappointed, i couldn't resist and started laughing. "i'm kidding Bieber, there's nothing else in the world that i would want to do." i blushed. "awh, somebody's blushing! ahhaa." he smiled. I blushed even darker. He took my hand and we walked to his car and he opened the door for me. "thanks". i smiled. "mmhmm." he said. 

~Yeah so that was our first date, other days i would go to his house or he comes to mines and we would cuddle, talk and make out but nothing crazy. We go everywhere together and i will never forget when he asked me out. i sigh it was just so romantic.

** We were cuddled up, watching a horror movie and i was terrified, seriously shit just pops up. There was a knock on the door so justin said he would get it and i nodded. "Miranda?? Can you help me with something babee?" i heard him from downstairs. "Yeaaah, Hold up im coming jaaay!" i yelled back smiling. i love when he calls me babe. I ran downstairs and saw a bunch of rose petals and gasps omg. they were so pretty and smells great. After following it out to the backyard i saw justin holding like 5 bouquets of roses. i gasp and started smiling and tearing up. it was great. He gave the roses to me and a tiara, which he put on my head. "Miranda May Kerr, it would to be a honor to be your boyfriend. i will never try purposely to hurt you. Your my everything babe. I don't even know what i would do without you. So... Will you be my girlfriend?" I was speechless. Nobody had ever done this before. I couldn't speak so i just nodded over and over again, tearing up basically crying. He's just so caring and sweet. He smiled so big, bigger than mines by a bit. I was just so happy. He gave me those side things they use at pageants and this one said "Bieber's Girl. We're a forever.". There was a glass palace with a chandelier hanging from above, rose pedals everywhere except for our table i'm guessing. There were candles, plates, everything was glass. It was absolutely breath taking and since it was all the way up to the roof. kind of like a tree house, we can see the view. The sunset. I looked over at Justin and he was looking at me, so i just leaned in for a hard, long kiss and i pulled away after a couple minutes. And we were both gasping for air, next thing i knew i was sitting across from Justin who was in a tux, super sexy, omg. Good thing i stopped at Justin's house right after the show, so i was wearing a white silk dress with diamonds coming from the shoulder down to the stomach, with black stilettos and my hair was still curled and still had makeup on too. It was a bit wrinkly when we were cuddling but its good. I swear thank you god. This was perfect. More than perfect, it was something that was even more then just the word perfect. I swear i love him from infinity to beyond. He will be the death of me. I know he will.

** Special huh? If i saw a shooting star i would wish to go back to that moment in a heart beat.We weren't the most popular thing and not much things happened, it was just us. Which was amazing, but then the fame and our society judged each of us. Justin was apparently "gay" because of his hair, of how he likes the color purple and just cause he doesnt have any tattoo. I wish no one would judge anyone. I mean thats who Justin is and now that fame and our society is building him up just to tear him down is horrible. He would just sometimes be really down and tear up a couple time. Guys crying doesn't mean their a pussy, it means they actually have emotions and are man enough to express them. It just hurts to see him like that so i helped him control it. And then, apparently i was a gold digging bitch or a slut for justin to fuck. *sighs* Everything was so amazing before then now there's a bunch of hateful fans and he has his beliebers and some don't ship us. i mean i'm fine but it was literally tearing Justin apart. Ever since after our first anniversary, i found out he's been doing weed, getting tattoos, drinking and drag racing and a couple days before he came home with a new hairstyle. I mean it was sexy but i loved the old one better. I was horrified and waited till he was sober to talk to him. He said haters would like him this way. He's not "gay" anymore. Funny how one word can change a person? No. So don't say nothing to make people depressed or sad. I hugged him the whole day and he fell asleep, i let him go and went on my instagram and posted this picture:

and said, "Guys please don't judge Justin. He's human, he has feelings too. You haters out there don't know him so don't judge him. He's super caring and sweet. You guys are his angels, he wouldn't make it here without you beliebers. i love u too. But seriously some mean comments can tear a person apart. So please don't hate on him. He's not "Gay". if he was then we wouldn't be dating so yeah. Don't judge and don't hate. Love you beliebers out there. <3 xoxo, mirandaaa.

Justin stirred around so i looked back and he was on his phone. "I fucking love you Miranda. There's nobody else that i love as much as you. Your my everything babe." he said to me looking at me in the eyes. "Hey hey i love you too. Remember? We're a forever." i smiled. "How are you so strong?" he asked. "I just don't let it get to me cause if i do... it would tear me apart too." i answered truthfully in a whisper looking down. i crawled to him and just hugged him again. We could be molded together and that would just be perfect.


~**(Sorry for such a LONG prologue. Next chapter i'll do justin's P.O.V. lolol sorry this was so long and theres gonna be a more dramatic parts in the fanfics then this. We'll also see how society changed Miranda too. And yeah thanks for all the reads, etccccc loveliessss. I'll update soon. xoxo, __belieberbitchhh <333)**

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