Dying Wish

People say cancer makes you depressed, makes you want to give up, there's nothing that can make you feel stronger or alive. Maybe that's true, maybe its not. For me its not true. Sometimes you have that one special thing that helps you. That you get excited to see, to watch, to listen. Sometimes its just a tv show maybe a toy or your phone. One Direction is what has helped keep me alive. I have cancer. Its called Melanoma and its a skin cancer that can be cured unless it spreads to much. Every patient is part of The Wish Foundation we get a wish. All I can think about is that one girl that got to meet Kim Kardashian, if she could meet her then maybe I have a small chance of meeting One Direction.


4. Chapter: 3- Trip

       It’s been three days sense my mom has called TWF (The Wish Foundation). Every day I seem to grow more anxious. I had my doctor appointment yesterday and they poked me with more needles and did more tests. Its quiet annoying sitting on a table only covered in a poor excuse of a robe. The hospitals are always cold and I end up getting goose bumps so the doctors have to stop because it somehow interferes with the test.


     "Can you get the phone?" My mom yells from her bathroom. I grab the house phone and press answer. 


    "Hello is this the mother of Payton Reynolds?" A woman's voice asks.


     "No, this is actually Payton." I tell the lady politely.


     "Good morning Payton. I am Mrs. Throne. I wanted to inform you and your mother that we have spoken to One Direction's management and they have spoken to the boys and thought it over about meeting you. The boy’s exact words were 'We would be honored to meet her'. The boys will be in New York next week and we will fly you and your mother out to meet them and you will be staying at the Hampton inn and you will get to meet and hang out with them that whole week, which means you will be able to attend all of their concerts." The woman says.


     "Thank you so much!" I tell the lady after getting the rest of the information. My mom had already come out of the bathroom and I put the phone on speaker so she would be able to hear.


     "I'm going to meet One Direction!" I yell over and over again. My mom rolls her eyes but I know she is happy that I got my wish. TWF isn't always able to grant the wishes and I'm glad that mine was able to be one of the ones that they could.


     We have three days to pack and be ready to take a taxi and go on our eleven o'clock flight. From where I live which is Tampa, Florida it will be a two hour and fifty minute plane ride but like a whole day in the car so we obviously were going to go on the plane. Because it’s Summer I don't have to buy winter stuff. It gets cold here in Florida but it doesn't snow like it does up in the northern states. 

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