In The Dark (Title may change-not finished yet)


1. Prologue

I walked into the room. It was quite dark and there appeared to be no light switch. I fumbled in my pocket for my phone but I couldn’t find it. I panicked slightly, wondering where I’d left it but I was too busy looking for a light source to be overly worried about it. I walked further into the room and in the low light, I saw something lying on the ground. I moved closer and realised it wasn’t a something but a someone. It appeared to be a girl, a teenager. She had shoulder length, wavy black hair and olive skin, just like me. I listened for breaths but heard none. I knelt next to her to see if I could hear a heartbeat. I couldn’t. She was dead. I started shaking, worried I’d be sick. She was too young to have died of natural causes, unless it was illness, but then, why would she be here? I walked round to see her face so I could tell somebody, although I was still unsure who that was. She had strands of hair over her face so it took me longer to work out who she was but I couldn’t even scream when I realised. It was me.

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