They dont hear your cries

Depression, suicide, self harm, eating disorders, love, life, hurt.
These are poems I have collected, some are mine and some are not.


1. 1

My heart aches for you,

my mind is stuck on you.

my arms reach out for you,

my lips whisper 'I love you'.

I'm not sure how you did it,

But you've now made my smile real,

and there's no more faking it

for you've managed to give me back the ability to feel.

Our first kiss

to me was breath-taking

your lips I miss,

my mind you won't be leaving.

You created a spark in me,

something no one else could ever do...

you've brought joy back to me,

made my laugh true.

So I'd like to thank you,

to thank you for giving me life once more

and just in case you're not sure it's true,

Every second i'm loving you more and more.

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